Zimbabwe vs Pakistan ODI, World Matchplay Darts and Ripon Races

The FIFA World Cup is now well and truly over for another four years, and fair play to France they did deserve to win the title this year, and all respect to Croatia who did go down fighting!

There are however plenty of sporting events and sporting fixtures still scheduled to take place over the summer months, and today you will have the opportunity of betting on another One Day International if you are a fan of cricket, for Zimbabwe are taking on Pakistan.

However, unless you think that Zimbabwe are going to win that event, then you will need to look a little further afield rather than the outright winner betting market, for betting sites such as 10Bet are going to be offering you odds of 8/1 on Zimbabwe winning but just 1/30 on Pakistan winning, and you would have to place some huge amounts of cash on Pakistan to get a fair sized winning payout!

One betting opportunity that will returns some much higher odds is betting on the first wicket method, for there are of course plenty of possible ways the first wicket could be taken and therefore the odds on offer on that betting market are much better value!

If you think the method of the first wicket will be Caught the odds available at 10Bet are 5/11, the Bowled method of the first wicket is on offer at odds of 4/1, LBW is a fair bet at 17/4 and you can get odds on 11/1 on Run Out, 16/1 on Stumped and any other methods of the first wicket taken is 175/1.

As it does look like Pakistan are going to win this One Day International quite easily, another betting market that could provide some much better odds is the one on which you have to name the top bowler.

Regarding the odds on the most likely suspects to win that honour for the Pakistan team, they include WP Masakadza at 29/10, TS Chisoro at 3/1, both DT Tiripano and TL Chatara are 16/5 and there is always a chance that either R Ngarava at 33/10 or B Muzarabani on offer at odds of 7/2 may just be the top bowler for Pakistan!

World Matchplay Darts Tournament

The schedule for the dart matches that are going to be played out on the 21st of July 2018 that make up the World Matchplay Darts tournament have been announced, and Winner Sportsbook have now compiled the odds they are going to be offering their customers on those matches, so let me give you an overview of some of the best bets on offer.

One very one-sided match in the World Matchplay tournament that I am thinking of having a financial interest in, and you should consider doing so too, is the match between Adrian Lewis and James Wilson. Lewis is a solid bet at 1/4 whilst Wilson does appear to have no chance of winning it at the current odds of 3/1, and I will be backing Lewis by the way!

Dave Chisnall is another darts player that is expected to win his match being played on the 21st of July, and his odds are 4/11, whilst his opponent who I do not fancy at all to win is Keegan Brown at 11/5.

You will have no real incentive to bet on Michael van Gerwen for his odds are ridiculously low at 1/20 to beat Jeffrey De Zwaan whose odds are 9/1, Whilst the former should take this match extremely quickly it will call for some huge valued bets to be placed on him to get any kind of decent payout!

Michael Smith is another bet worth taking and it may be worth adding him to dome doubles and trebles, for he is on offer at Winner Sportsbook at odds of 1/3 and is expected to beat quite decidedly Jonny Clayton who for reference can be had at odds of 12/51

One final match being played as part of the World Matchplay Darts Tournament on the 21st of July which could go to either player is the one in which Raymond van Barneveld at 4/9 is taking on Kyle Anderson, who does look a fair bet as the latter players win odds are very reasonable given his current form at 7/4.

Today’s Racing from Ripon

You can always rely on NetBet to offer early prices on all UK horse races, and with that in mind if you do fancy placing any type of bets on the races being held at the Ripon meeting today then there is plenty of value to be had on their betting markets for sure.

In the Ripon 14:15 it should be Three Card Trick that comes out on top, and that betting site are currently offering odds of 8/13 which represents true value. The next race is the 14:45 and if you are quick you may be able to get the early odds NetBet are offering on Implicit who is the favourite to win that race.

Midnight Malibu is the top weight horse in the Ripon 15:20 race, and with its trainer Tim Easterby saying good things about the chances of that horse it is hard to see anything else winning that race, and the current odds which are likely to change sooner rather than later on it winning are 5/2.

There has been plenty of money already this morning being bet on Pipers Note who is running in the 15:50 race, and if you fancy its chances then the early betting markets available at NetBet is what you should be using, for currently you can secure odds of 15/8 on it winning, but those early odds are subject to change at any time so do keep that in mind!

There are three other races that I haven’t yet covered at Ripon today, however the only one of those races in which there is some true value to be had on the early betting market is the16:20 race, for the likely winner of that race a horse called Mutadaffeq is currently chalked up at odds of 7/4.