World Matchplay Tournament Final Games

This year’s World Matchplay Darts tournament is of course coming to a close, and from the dozens of players that started out in that tournament, we are now down to the last six players.

Hopefully you may have placed a bet before the tournament started on just which player you hoped would win this major darts tournament and at big odds too, and those players are still involved in the final few games, if not then fear not as there are still plenty of betting opportunities on the matches that are left to be played off

Let me first give you an overview of the players that are still left in the World Matchplay Darts Tournament of 2018, and give you an overview of the odds associated with each of them to win this tournament, at betting sites such as Betfred.

It is Gary Anderson who is chalked up as the favourite to win this event, and his current odds of doing so are 4/5. The second favourite player to win is the highly talented and highly respected Peter Wright whose odds are generous currently at 10/3

Jeffrey De Zwaan and  Mensur Suljovic have both being playing right up to their very best form throughout this tournament and their win odds are 6/1 and 7/1 respectively. The two outsiders are Simon Whitlock at 25/1 along with Darren Webster at 33/1.

Individual World Match Play Final Matches

In total both today and tomorrow there are three matches that are going to be playing off, and today it is the match between Peter Wright and Simon Whitlock that you are going to be able to both watch on TV and bet on at any of our featured and approved online and mobile betting sites.

As to which player is going to win that match, well looking at the betting markets on offer it does appear that Peter Wright is the favourite to win for his win odds are currency 1/3 odds on, so you will have to place some fairly heft bets on him if you do fancy his chances of winning to get a decent sized winning pay-out!

However, as Simon Whitlock is still in this darts tournament there is still a chance that he could progress through this stage by winning this match, and if you are a fan of his and have the faith in him winning this match the best odds I have so far come across this morning are at Betfred and those odds for reference are 12/5!

Another thing to also keep in mind if you do decide to bet at Betfred and you are also a user of Twitter, is that you can ask the odds compilers at that leading betting site to offer you odds on any combination of bets you fancy placing on this and any other World Matchplay matches!

To do so tweet a description of the bets you want to be offered odds on and tweet the Betfred team using the #PickYourPunt hashtag!

Another match that is scheduled to be played later tonight is the Mensur Suljovic v Darren Webster match, however as Suljovic is the 4/11 if you do want to bet on him then consider perming him in a double or treble bet with players taking place in those matches listed above and below this one, to get a chance of receiving some much higher valued winning pay-outs.

You may however be of the mindset that it is Webster who is going to shine in this match and come out on top, and if you do then you ought to be mopping up and securing the current odds of 11/5 that sites like Betfred are currently offering you!

Moving onto the final match scheduled for the next couple of days, we turn our attention to the Jeffrey De Zwaan v Gary Anderson match that is being played out on Saturday night.

There is bound to be a lot of interest in the betting markets on this match, however it would appear that the smart money is for Anderson to win as his odds are 2/7, but you can always back Zwaan if you think he will win and you will be rewarded with odds of 11/4 if you do so sooner rather than later!

Player to Score the Most 180’s

As well as some of the more standard types of bets and wagers that you can place on any of the matches that make up this year’s World Matchplay 2018 tournament, there are some quit novel types of bets on offer to you at betting sites like Betfred.

One of those novelty betting markets that may just appeal to you is the one on which you have to try and predict just which individual player is going to score the most 180’s during a match.

With that in mind regarding the two matches that are scheduled to be played tonight, allow me to give you an idea of the odds available on those four players taking part in those matches, to score the most 180’s in those two individual matches.

The favourite player to do so, and it will not surprise you when I tell you the name of that player, is of course Simon Whitlock, who does have something of a knack for scoring 180’s and the odds on him scoring the most 180’s tonight are 13/8.

Peter Wright is of course not averse to scoring 180’s either, and if you think it will be him that does score the most 180’s tonight his odds of doing so are 5/2. You can also get odds of 3/1 on Mensur Suljovic, Mensur doing so and odds of 4/1 on Darren Webster doing so too!

Player Highest Checkout Betting Market

Another fairly unique type of bet associated with darts matches, is a bet on which you have to correctly pick out the player in one or more matches that is going to be the player with the highest checkout.

Peter Wright is on offer at odds of 9/4 to do just that, you can get slightly higher odds of 5/2 on Mensur Suljovic, Simon Whitlock is 11/4 and for Darren Webster to achieve the highest checkout you can get odds of 7/2.