World Cup Winning Team and Top Goal Scorer

How do you fancy placing a bet on not only which team is going to be the winner of the World Cup this year but also the player that is going to be the top scorer too?

Well one of our featured betting sites, that being Betfred do offer such a betting market, and with there still be plenty of teams in the tournament, and plenty of players that could still be named as the top goal scorer there are some very tempting odds on offer!

Two bets that do stand out however at the Brazil/Cristiano Ronaldo double, and the odds you will get offered on that double, if you are quick and place your bet asap are 12/1. Another bet available at the exact same odds is the Spain/Diego Costa double, which may be tempting to several football fans.

At slightly higher odds you can bet on the Spain/Cristiano Ronaldo double, and you will be rewarded with odds of 14/1 if that is a bet you fancy placing a wager on. You may be of the mind though that the team that will win the World Cup this year will be Brazil and it will be Neymar that scores the most goals during the tournament, and if so then it’s time to mop up the current odds of 20/1 available on that double bet from BetFred!

A Few Bets Worth Considering

There is of course no telling at this still relatively early stage of the World Cup 2018 just which team is most likely to go on to win it and which player will be the one that does go on to score the most goals.

However, some of the bets that do have fair odds attached to them which may just pay off include the Germany/Cristiano Ronaldo bet on which you can get odds of 20/1, the Belgium/Romelu Lukakub bet, the Portugal/Cristiano Ronaldo bet and also the France/Cristiano Ronaldo bet on which all three of them are chalked up at odds of 22/1!

Mug Bets!

The idea behind offering a betting market on the team to win coupled with the top goal scorer is of course to attract punters that bet with their hearts rather than their heads, and as such I will now pass onto you the details of the bets that offer huge odds but are probably never going to come up!

The first is the England/Raheem Sterling bet, and if you are of the mind that it will be a winning one then the odds are certainly going to tempt you to lay your money down for they are 225/1!

The Portugal/Lionel Messi is going to reward avid fans of that team and that player with huge odds of 275/1, but please do keep in mind that those odds are huge for a reason, that being the bet is unlikely to be a winning one!

There are currently two bets on this betting market that are going to be returning pay-out odds of a gigantic 1000/1, and if you are not scared of taking chances when betting on football matches then those two bets are the Serbia/Aleksandar Mitrovic one and the Senegal/Sadio Mane bet too!