World Cup Group Stages Straight Forecast Bet

One type of bet that you will usually associated with greyhound racing or horse racing is a straight forecast bet. When you set about placing such a bet you have to try and guess which of the horses or greyhounds in any one single race will finish first and also just which one will finish second.

By placing such a bet the winning pay-outs can be high, but that is due to the simple fact there are many possible outcomes of any such races, so whilst the pay-outs are high your chances of correctly predicting a horses to finish first and second in their respective races are low!

However, you are going to be able to place such a bet on the teams you think will finish first and second in the Group Stages of the World Cup in each individual group, and as such that may be a bet worth considering place, for with just four teams per group there are only twelve possible ways of those teams finishing in first and second place!

Group A Straight Forecast Bet

If you do fancy placing one of these new Straight Forecast bets on the World Cup then Group A does look appealing, and with that in mind let me give you an overview of the odds you will be able to make use of on each team either coming first or second.

If you think the most likely outcome is the 1st Uruguay/2nd Russia bet then the odds you will get offered on that betting opportunity are 13/8, but the other way around that being 1st Russia/2nd Uruguay you will get odds of 3/1.

For the 1st Uruguay/2nd Egypt bet the odds are 4/1, and on the 1st Russia/2nd Egypt bet the odds are much more attractive at 9/1. The more unlikely the outcome the higher the odds will be as such the 1st Egypt/2nd Uruguay bet is 12/1 and the 1st Egypt/2nd Russia bet along with the1st Uruguay/2nd Saudi Arabia bet are on offer at odds of 14/1!

The last few bets include the 1st Russia/2nd Saudi Arabia bet at 33/1, the 1st Saudi Arabia/2nd Uruguay bet at 66/1, the 1st Saudi Arabia/2nd Russia bet at 75/1 and if you do want the chance of winning big you could bet on the 1st Egypt/2nd Saudi Arabia at huge odds of 100/1 or the 1st Saudi Arabia/2nd Egypt bet at odds of 150/1!

All Groups Covered

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You may never have even considered placing such a bet before, however with there likely to be some shock results in Groups such as Group A then it may just pay dividends for you to place a bet on one of the more unlikely of outcomes, as you may just strike gold when you do so!