William Hill St Leger Early Betting

With a tad over a month to go until this year’s annual running of the St Ledger, which for reference is sponsored by William Hill, you do have plenty of time left to plan your betting activities on that race.

However, they always do say, he who hesitates is lost, and that saying is every true when it comes to the ante post betting markets, for if you spend too much time deciding to secure the odds available, there is of course the very realistic chance the odds you fancied securing will vanish if you do leave it too late.

As such, and with that in mind I will not give you an insight into where the smart money is going on this year’s 2018 running of the William Hill St Leger, and it is a surprise to hear that Betfred and not William Hill are offering a slightly more generous set of odds in that race.

As far as the horse that is attracting the most money, well that has of course been  Kew Gardens who has been a firm favourite for quite some time to win this race, and as far as what the current odds are on that horse they are still worth taking being as they are 7/2.

Latrobe and Wells Farhh Go

There are two horses that are also attracting plenty of support from punters, whilst nowhere as near as much money has been placed on them their odds and most certainly their current form does give both of them a fair chance of winning this race is Kew Gardens doesn’t run up to form.

Those horses are Latrobe and Wells Farhh Go and if you want to back them, you ought to get your skate son for their current odds are 8/1, which I am more than convinced will start to drop as the betting public latch onto them too!.

Each-way Sharks

It is always going to be in races such as the St Leger, that the usual each-way sharks will come out in force to try and secure and lock in some value form the horses they think will get placed if nothing else.

You can get one quarter the win odds of first, second and third places by betting at Betfred, and that does of course mean that horses such as Forever Together do come into the reckoning, and there is no doubt in my mind plenty of punters will be backing that horse each-way at 10/1.

The Pentagon, Southern France, Rostropovich, Dee Ex Bee and also Lah Ti Dar are also possible each way betting opportunities, for if you are quick you should be able to secure odds of 12/1 on any of them winning.

As far as the remainder of the field, well I will leave the decision of whether you should back any of them either to win or each-way up to you, however do spend some time looking at horses such as Delano Roosevelt at 14/1 and also Old Persian who are all on offer at 16/1 right now.