Will Vettel Win The Hungarian Grand Prix?

The Hungarian Grand Prix will soon be starting, and you may be pondering on which driver you think is going to win it, however the smart money is current being placed on the highly talented and much respected Ferrari driver, that being S. Vettel, so much so that the best odds I have found on him winning are just 15/8 this morning!

Whilst he may be the current favourite, that has not put off many punters betting on the current second favourite and that second favourite is of course the multi skilled and highly experienced Mercedes driver L. Hamilton, and if you do fancy his chances his odds this morning are generous enough at 11/4.

Never let it be said that the Red Bull driver M. Verstappen isn’t talented enough to win a race of this nature, in fact as his odds are currently fairly low at 3/1, that does of course mean that plenty of punters have been backing him, and the odds compilers at many betting sites must think he is in with a chance of winning too!

Bigger Odds Riskier Bets

You will be able to back the Red Bull driver D. Ricciardo at odds of 7/2 and with odds that low there is of course a good chance that he may just win this race, but that is a decision at you are going to have to make!

As for the only other drivers that have any realistic chance of beating those drivers already named, it could be the Mercedes driver V. Bottas that passes the winning line in front and his odds are currently 12/1 and there is also a chance that the Ferrari driver K. Raikkonen could win the Hungarian Grand Prix at odds of 12/1 too.

The Rest of the Field

You are probably going to be throwing caution to the wind if you choose to back any of the other drivers to win this race, for there is let’s be honest virtually no chance any other driver than those already mentioned above will win this race.

However, for those of you with nerves of steel who fancy backing C. Sainz, N. Hulkenberg or either of the two Haas drivers those being R. Grosjean and K. Magnussen the odds on any of those drivers winning are huge at 750/1!

Each of the remaining drivers taking part in the Hungarian Grand Prix are on offer at 1000/1 and as such if you do fancy trying you luck betting on some  very long shots then a few of those drivers who betting on may just be S. Perez, P. Gasly M. and C. Leclerc.

However as nay experienced punter will tell you, the general rule of thumb especially when betting on the winner of a Grand Prix goes is that the bigger the odds the lesser chance any driver will have, so it’s your decision to make if you do fancy placing a risky bet on some of those outsiders to win!