Will Ryan Thomas Win Celebrity Big Brother 2018?

Surprisingly there has already been plenty of bets placed on the early betting markets for the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2018, and one of the contestants that is leading the field is Ryan Thomas, so much so that he has been backed right down to odds of 5/2 to win!

However, there are, in my opinion way too many risks betting on a favourite at this early stage in that TV reality show, for he only has to mess up by saying something stupid and his chances of winning can and will evaporate very quickly.

Therefore what you should be trying to do is to sniff out a little bit of value, by wisely picking out some of the other contestants that could quickly fill in the gap left by any scandals, trouble or exploits that see Ryan Thomas no long being the viewers favourite!

There are two contestants that have the capacity to win this year’s Celebrity Big Brother, and they are Roxanne Pallett at 5/1 and Kirstie Alley at 15/2, they both are fairly well known and as such fans of theirs may be able to carry them right through to the final, and those odds are generous too.

Lay Odds on Celebrity Big Brother Instead!

If, at this very early stage of Celebrity Big Brother 2018 you think there is no value what so ever to be had by backing a contestant to win, then how about laying bets off other punters who do want to back any of them to win? That is something that you are going to be able o do at the betting exchange offered by our top rated betting exchange Betfair.

Simply dream up your own set of odds that you want to attach to any of the contestants and if those odds are attractive other punters at Betfair will place their bets with you, you do of course have to pay them out any winnings, but can keep their stakes if the contestants they back with you do not win!

Other Contestants That Could Win Celebrity Big Brother

Let me now quickly rattle through some of the outsiders that if everything does fall into place for them this year could end up winning this popular TV reality show, and could win as some very juicy odds too.

The odds I am about to quite are available right now from the Betfred betting sites, but just keep in mind that if any contestants leave and when they start to get evicted or when any additional contestants enter the house these odds will change.

You can bet on Dan Osborne at odds of 8/1, and the human doll that is Rodrigo Alves is available at odds of 9/1 and both Gabby Allen at 12/1 and Natalie Nunn at 16/1 are two possible current outsiders who could win.

Three other outsiders who will need some luck to win, but may just do include the likes of both Chloe Ayling and Nick Leeson at 20/1 and also Ben Jardine who is on offer at Betfred at odds of 25/1