Whyte Vs Parker Best Match Betting Odds

The very next major boxing bout that is sure to stir up a lot of interest with sports bettors is of course the match between Dillian Whyte and Joseph Parker, in fact you are not going to have very long to wait for that match as it is scheduled to start this Saturday.

Sky Sports Box Office is the TV channel that will be showing that match live, so unless you have that channel on your SKY subscription you are going to have to buy a pass to watch it. However highlights are going to be shown on plenty of free to air TV channels after the match.

As far on just what you can bet on before that match starts, well as usual there are an abundance of different betting opportunities, and to give you some food for thought and a few pointers on just what you may fancy betting on I have listed three of the main betting markets below for you.

Outright Win Odds and Draw Odds

The draw is on offer at huge odds of 25/1, but one must ask why bookies are offering such huge odds on the draw, and the simple answer is that there is very little chance it will end in a draw, but you can bet on that outcome if you so desire.

In fact, having said that, this is a very well balanced boxing match, for both boxers do have a more or less fair and equal chance of winning, so that bet doesn’t look that much of a bad bet when you do study the form of both Whyte and Parker!

If you are of the mind though that it will be Whyte that will win you can secure odds of 6/5 at betting sites like Betfred, but do be quick as those odds may start to move dependent on the way the majority of punters bet on that match.

It could of course be Joseph Parker that wins the match, and if you are of the mind that it will be his winning day this Saturday in London O2 Arena then you should be taking advantage of the 8/11 odds being offered on him winning outright.

How Will the Match Be Won?

One of the most likely ways in which this match will be determined is by points, and to be fair, most odds compilers are offering very reasonable odds on the match being decided by points.

Therefore if you think it will be Whyte that will be awarded the match on points the bets odds I have come across this morning are 9/4 on that outcome, but if on the other hand you think the most likely outcome of this match is going to be Parker winning via points the bets odds available this morning are round the 6/4 mark.

The other possible method of victory in this match is of course either via a KO, a TKO or even a disqualification, and you can bet on either boxer winning via any of those three methods but via one single bet.

Both boxers are actually on offer at 4/1 for them to win this match by a KO, a TKO or a disqualification, so those odds are fair and are equally balanced too.

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Whyte Vs Parker Round Betting

Due to the very simple fact that the odds available on the round betting markets chalked up and available at betting site such as Betfred are so high, you will probably be tempted to place at least on bet on that betting market.

However, the savviest sports bettors are going to be placing several bets on a range of different outcomes, much more so on the individual round betting markets, as by doing so they are going to be able to spread the risk, and will still get a decent winning pay-out if they have covered on the outcomes on one of their bets!

What you will discover to your interest possibly, is that the odds attached to each boxer winning in the same numbered round are the same, so for example if you think that either Whyte or Parker is going to win in the very first round you can get odds of 66/1 by placing such a  bet on each boxer.

That is probably not going to happen however, so if you think a much more likely outcome will be a win in the second round you will be rewarded with odds on 50/1 on either boxer and can also get odds of 40/1 on either of them winning in round three too!

rounds 4 to 10 are possibly when you think the match will be won by either boxer, and each of those individual round betting opportunities are currently chalked up at fairly decent and high odds of 33/1 at Betfred.

The match could of course be decided in rounds 11 or 12 and the odds on offer on either boxer winning this boxing match in one of those two rounds are 40/1 For  Whyte to be awarded the match on points however the odds on hat betting opportunity are 9/4 and 6/4 if you think it will be Parker that is awarded the match on points.

You can also bet on the match going to a draw, however that is an unlikely outcome, but one that you can bet on if you do desire, and the best odds I have seen being offered on the draw are 25/1 and those odds are currently readily available over at the Betfred betting site, so do check their website out for a range of additional boxing betting opportunities too!