Who Will Win The Singapore Grand Prix?

If you ask most fans of motorsport who they think is going to win this year’s Singapore Grand Prix, then it will be Sebastian Vettel they would name as the driver they think is going to win that race and win it quite easily.

In fact, from what I have seen there are plenty of punters who are backing their opinions on who will win that race with cold hard cash too, for having just checked out the Bruce Betting site who are famed for their higher than average odds on Grand Prix races the best odds they currently have on Vettel winning are 6/5!

However, there are always going to be plenty of punters and fans of motorsports that will have a different opinion and if you are of the mind that this year’s winner of the Singapore Grand Prix is going to be no other than Lewis Hamilton you can back him at that betting site at generous odds of 10/3!

It is also fair to say that Max Verstappen does appear on paper at least does appear to have a fine and outstanding chance of winning the Singapore Grand Prix this year, so much so his odds do look tempting at 15/4!

Other Possible Winners

Whilst some to the drivers have very little chance of winning this race this year, there are some that if everything does go their way could come out on top and it is worth looking at Daniel Ricciardo at 5/1 if you think any of the above drivers are not going to drive up to their very best form.

The only other drivers that I think have any type of chance of winning this year are Kimi Raikkonen at 8/1 and also Valtteri Bottas who to be fair is very easy to back at his current odds of 14/1!

Drivers with no Chance of Winning!

Do you like throwing caution to the win when backing drivers to win the Singapore Grand Prize, if you do then how about taking advantage of the 500/1 odds that are up for grabs on drivers such as Pierre Gasly and Nico Hulkenberg in fact you can also back Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso or Carlos Sainz Junior and Sergio Perez at 500/1 too at the Bruce Betting site!

There is a chance albeit an absolutely tiny one that Romain Grosjean or Kevin Magnussen could win and if you are of the mind they will then now is the time to bag some massive odds for they are both readily available to back at odds of 750/1!

Each of the other drivers that I haven’t yet mentioned are complete no hopers to win, so much so that you can back the likes of both Stoffel Vandoorne and Sergey Sirotkin at 1000/1 along with any of the other drivers that will be taking their chance on this race.

Bruce Betting for reference are also going to be giving you each-way betting opportunities son each of the drivers in this race and their terms and one third the win odds for first or second placed drivers.