Wednesdays Top Cricket Betting Opportunities

Quite surprisingly four major cricket matches are all scheduled to take place this Wednesday, however as they are playing out in different countries of the world and on different continents too, you could actually watch them all if you so desire on various sports channels!

There are no shortages of potentially winning betting opportunities available on each of those matches, and to give you some idea of what they are, below you will get a full overview of each of them!

One Day International

The betting markets on the Sri Lanka v South Africa One Day International are giving a very clear indication of who the likely winner of that match will be.

It will probably not surprise you to learn that South Africa are leading the way on the betting markets are their win odds are 4/7, but this may be a slightly tighter match than the odds suggest and if you fancy backing their opponents you can get 7/5 on them winning.

Twenty20 Internationals

West Indies v Bangladesh is going to be a good match to watch for sure, however due to the time differences you will have to get up very early in the morning to watch it, however you can of course record it and watch it later on!

Either way, from a betting point of view is does look like the West Indies are going to win that match so much so that there win odds are quite low at just 1/2, but for those of you who have the faith in Bangladesh they are on offer at odds of 6/4.

International Test Match

The International Test Match between England v India that is also being played this Wednesday is going to be one in which you have the option of backing not only either team to win, but you can of course bet that the match will end in a draw too, and that is something that it may just do by the way!

As for where the smart money is going, that in on England to win for you are going to be very hard pressed to find better odds then the 10/11 Betfred are offering, and you can back the draw at 3/1 or if you think India are going to be the most likely winner their odds are rather tempting too at 21/10!

Vitality T20 Blast

It will be quite late on in the evening that the Yorkshire v Derbyshire match that is part of the Vitality T20 Blast series of games will be being played off, and there is plenty of support for Yorkshire to win that match, and that had affected their odds in a negative way!

Therefore, and as that money will continue to roll in for them to win this match, if you do always want to back them then the best odds you can currently get are 2/5 but make sure you act quickly as those odds could continue to tumble in value, for reference you can back Derbyshire at odds of 15/8.