Upcoming AFL Matches

You are in for a feast of AFL matches in the coming days, and with some very interesting odds on offer on some of the teams taking part in those matches, I think you may be interested in finding out more about those value for money betting opportunities.

As such below I am going to be rattling through each of the matches that are scheduled to take place in the coming days, and the odds you will find on each of the Australian Rules Football matches are on offer over at Bruce Betting, who are one of our top rated betting sites.

One match that is a very interesting one from a betting opportunity is scheduled to kick off on Friday the 27th of July, and that is the match between the Essendon Bombers and the Sydney Swans, a slight preference is given for the former names team and their odds are currently 8/11 at Bruce Betting, and the odds on the Essendon Bombers for those of you interested are even money.

A match that I am convinced many punters will be betting on the following day that of course being on Saturday 28th of July which does look like a one sided match from a betting point of view is the Richmond Tigers v Collingwood Magpies match, the Tigers are 4/11 to win and the Magpies are on offer at odds of 15/8.

Geelong Cats v Brisbane Lions

Sadly the odds on the Geelong Cats v Brisbane Lions match are not going to be too appealing if you do fancy the favourite to win that match, and for reference the favourites is of course the Geelong Cats and the best odds you are likely to score on them winning are 1/8.

However, their low odds do of course mean that there opponents, that being the Brisbane Lions are on offer at some much more appealing odds and those odds for reference are 17/4!

Other Australian Rules Matches to Consider Betting On

There are more than enough AFL matches being played on Saturday the 28th of July 2018, and with that in mind let me now give you a few final pointers as to which of them may be just worth betting on and just what odds you can secure if you do decide to place a bet nice and early too.

If you do want to secure some big odds on an AFL match then look at backing the away team in the Greater Western Sydney Giants v St Kilda Saints match, for the home team are available at very short odds of just 1/14 but the away team do look appealing and their odds are 6/1.

You can get odds of 1/4 on the Gold Coast Suns winning in their match against the Carlton Blues, however there could be a chance the away team may just win that match and by backing them today you should quite easily be able to secure odds of 5/2onj them doing so, but shop around and compare the odds available to you at several different betting sites!