Types of Bets You Can Place on the Tote

Part and parcel of becoming a savvier sports bettor, is knowing every single type of bet you can place, and how each bet has been designed.

For you are always going to find that there will be times when you have chosen your bets for the day ahead that you will have the chance of getting some much higher returns and winning pay-outs, if you place your bet by using one specific type of bet.

With that in mind in this guide, I am going to be introducing you to each of the many different types of bets and wagers that you can place on the Tote.

The Tote is a pooled betting service that you will find available at horse racecourse and greyhound tracks across the UK and allow you to pool your bets with other punters, and all winning bets placed then win a share of the pool.

The operator of the Tote does take out fees and commission from the pool before dividends are declared, but some of the betting opportunities available can return to some winning pay-outs for just a tiny stake amount, so there are plenty of winning opportunities when placing any of the following Tote bets!

Tote Win and Tote Place Bets

Whilst it is very true to say that some of the bets and wagers that you can place on the Tote are hard to fathom out, if you are new to betting in general, there are a couple of bets that should never have your scratching your head trying to make sense of them!

The first one is known as a Tote Win bet, and you are faced with nothing more daunting that picking out a horse that will, or hopefully will win a race. You simply name the horse and then choose a stake which must be 2.00 in value at least, and it if wins you will win a share of the pool via the dividend announced after the race has been run and the jockeys have all weighed in.

A Tote Place bet on the other hand lets you pick a horse that you will be hoping finishes in any one of the top few positions on a race.

This bet is one that can pay out to two or three or even four places depending on how many runners are in a race and whether that race is a handicap or not.

Tote Exacta

Picking out two horses that you think will win a horse race and will come second behind the other horse is all that you have to try and do when placing a Tote Exacta bet.

If your horses do finish first and second in the exact order you predicted, then you are going to get paid out based on the stake you wagered on that bet and the dividend declared as the Exacta dividend.

In case you are wondering, if you back let’s say the favourite and second favourite to come first and second, and they do so, the dividend awarded to winners will be tiny, when compared to the dividend declared when two u-fancied horses finish in first and second place!

Tote Trifecta

Plenty of people enjoy placing a Trifecta bet, for all that is required is to pick out three horses in one single race and name them on your betting slip in the order they will finish, but the must finish first, second and in third place respective for you to win the Trifecta dividend!

Tote Quadpot

Picking out four horses to get placed in four different races may seem easy, and if you think you can do so then place a Tote Quadpot bet.

It will be the third to sixth races at any UK race meeting that you can place such a bet on, and if each of the four horses you select gets placed in one of the top positions in their races then you will win a share of the prize pool

Tote Placepot

I used to have a friend who is sadly no longer with us, that would place a Tote Placepot bet on each race meeting scheduled each day, and to be fair he did have some huge winning pay-outs over the years from those bets.

What you must do when placing such a bet is to pick out a horse that will get placed at least in the first six races held at any racecourse, if you do manage to pick a horse that gets placed in each of those six races you win the Placepot dividend.

That dividend will vary in size depending on the odds of each of the placed horses in each race, get a load of outsiders getting placed as opposed to all favourites then you are in line of a tasty pay-out for sure!

Tote Jackpot

How do you fancy trying to pick the winners of he first six races at any race meeting chosen each day by the Tote team, well if you think you have the skill to do such a thing then its certainly about time that you placed a Tote Jackpot bet.

You can place that bet for a minimum stake of just a quid, and if you get all six winners on your Tote Jackpot betting slip you are going to bag a small fortune! But keep in mind the actual odds of you picking out all 6 winners is going to be tiny, hence the huge jackpot up for grabs for anybody that does get all six winners!