Tunisia vs England Match Betting

It is the turn of several national teams to excel in their respective Group Stages matches today, however I do know one match that most people will be watching is the Tunisia vs England match that will be kicking off at 8pm.

Now, the bookies are running scared of this match, for they and most punters are of the mind that England are going to get off to a flying start and should take this match quite easily and in their stride, and as such you are not going to be rewarded with huge odds on an England win!

In fact, having checked and doubled checked each of our featured betting sites betting markets on this match the best odds I have come across on an England win are 2/5!

But having already seen a few shock results so far in the Group Stages of the World Cup so far this last few days I would certainly not put you off betting on a Tunisia win, which is much better value at odds of 8/1 or even a draw and the best odds you will get on that outcome are 10/30.

Bet on Sweden or South Korea

There are actually two matches that will be kicking off before the England vs Tunisia match and the first one of the day is the Sweden vs South Korea match.

When you look at the form, skill and abilities of both teams you will probably come to the conclusion that Sweden are going to gain the upper hand in that match, and that is what all betting site odds compilers also think and as such they are going even money on a Sweden win.

You will however get odds of 21/10 if you think that match is going to end in a draw, and if you think that South Korea are going to beat their win odds and win that match there is plenty of value to be had by taking their win odds of 10/3! That match by the way will be kicking off at 14:00.

Updated Betting on Belgium vs Panama

There are no shortages of betting sites you can bet on any World Cup Group Stage match, and most savvy punters are signing up to as many new sites that they have never bet at before to take advantage of the sign up bonuses currently being given away by such sites.

Therefore do check out some of our featured betting sites is you do want to claim some high valued bets and also check out their betting markets on the Belgium vs Panama match that is starting at 5pm today.

It does appear that Belgium should win this match easily as the best win odds available I have come across on them doing so are 1/8, but there are some much higher odds available on both the draw at 13/2, and if you are prepared to bet on South Korea winning his match you should have no problems getting odds of or around the 20/1 mark!