Tour de France Stage 21 Betting

The Tour de France is now at Stage 21 which sees the riders having to make their way from Houilles to Paris, and much like all other stages of that seemingly never ending race, there are more than enough betting opportunities available today.

You have the option of picking out just one rider that you hope will win that stage of the race or if you want to bet each-way, and I do know many savvy punters do want to do so, by betting at Betfred and some of our other additional fully approved betting sites you will get paid one quarter of the win odds on those riders that finish first, second and third in that stage of the race.

Always keep in mind however that anything could happen in this stage of the Tour de France, and it may not always be the favourite that will win it, so always be prepared to carefully study the form of each rider and then hunt around for the very best odds.

Hopefully though in this stage of the race there will not be any incidents like the one the other day in which the race had to be stopped due to some overzealous policemen pepper spraying the riders, albeit by accident!

As for the rider who does look like he has the very best chance of coming first, it is Arnaud Demare that is attracting the most money on the early betting markets and that has resulted in his odds dropping down to just 5/4 to win!

Consider Using a Betting Exchange

There is of course only going to be one winner of this stage of the Tour de France, and as such that does mean there are going to be lots of riders than do not make it into the top place, and that therefore means there is some money to be made by laying your own odds to other punters on a betting exchange such as the one our featured site Betfair has on offer to their customers.

By making use of that betting change you can pick out one or more riders that you think have no chance what so ever of winning this race and offer odds on them winning it.

By doing so what you will have to try and do is to offer odds so appealing that other users of the Betfair betting exchange will want to place bet with you on those riders at the odds you have offered.

By you doing so if any other users of that betting change then do place a bet with you, you have the chance of winning form them their stake money they ager on that rider if that rider does indeed not win that race.

But keep in mind that you are going to have to pay out those users if the bet they place with you is a winning one for them, and you will have to have enough money in your Betfair betting account to cover all liabilities on the bets that you are laying odds on too, so keep that in mind at all times!

Each Way Betting Opportunities

Betfred are offering each-way punters on the place part of such a bet one quarter of the win odds on the first top three finishers in this race, and whilst it will not be very financially beneficial to bet on riders such as Arnaud Demare at 5/4 or Alexander Kristoff at 3/1, there will be some value to be mopped up by betting on some of the other riders via an each-way type of bet.

Therefore do consider placing such a bet on some of the other much more fancied riders, who with some luck in riding today may just finish in one of the top three positions of this race, and two that do spring to mind are Peter Sagan at 9/2 along with Christophe Laporte at 8/1.

You may however fancy the chances of riders such as John Degenkolb and Magnus Cort Nielsen, and if you do their current win odds are bot 14/1 so you will get a fair sized winning pay-out if they win or at the very last finish in one of the top three positions at the end of this race.

You can always get odds of 16/1 on riders such as Edvald Boasson Hagen and Sonny Colbrelli, or if you are prepared to take a few risks which your each-way bets then there is always the chance that Maximiliano Richeze who is currently on offer at odds of 33/1 could get placed or even place a bet on the likes of Jasper Stuyven at 50/1 Or either Greg Van Avermaet or Nikias Arndt both of whom are readily available at odds of 66/1!

Riders on Offer at 100/1

There are plenty of complete outsiders to win this stage of the Tour de France, and all of the riders that I have no yet mentioned are on offer at odds of 100/1 each, if you choose to place your bets at Betfred.

Those riders include the likes of Daryl Impey, Sep Vanmarcke, Daniele Bennati, and Stefan Kung,  and to be fair looking t the current form of each of them I do feel those odds do accurately represent their overall winning chances, so if you do fancy betting on any of them please do not get too carried away with your stakes!

There are still plenty of other riders that you are going to find chalked up at huge odds of 100/1 and those include Edward Theuns, Andrea Pasqualon, Thomas Boudat, Yves Lampaert, Michael Valgren, and finally Timothy DuPont.

If you are interested in backing any of those complete outsiders then I would suggest you take a look at the betting change at Betfair, for you are likely to find the odds on offer on their betting platform on each of those riders could be way higher than 100/1, so there may be some value to be had there1