Top Football Coupons Revealed

I doubt you are going to come across one betting site that isn’t going to be offering you one or even several football betting coupons, that will allow you to perm together several different football teams into one single bet.

However, as someone who does enjoy betting on football matches, who does tend to place bets which sees them linking up several different football match outcomes into one single bet, you need to have the peace of mind in knowing that you are never being short-changed regarding the odds a betting site will be offering you.

That is easier said than done, for I have been paying very careful attention to and comparing the odds that are on offer on many different bets sites football coupons, and I have to say some of them offer very poor value, and I would never be tempted to place a bet at some of those betting sites!

There is one site though that stands heads and heels above all other when it comes to guaranteeing their customers of the best betting value much more so when it comes to football related bets and that site is Betfred.

So very impressed have I been over the years with their constant stream of true valued and high v valued football betting coupons, I am going to dedicate this guide to showcasing to you their betting coupons on which you are never going to get short-changed, and with some luck in betting you would win a huge fortune if your bets turn out all to be winning ones!

Understanding Goals Galore Football Betting Coupons

You are going to find not only our exclusive high valued welcome bonus offer is going to become available to you when using out links to visit the Betfred website and then sign up, but also a range of potentially huge paying Goals Galore football betting coupons too.

Every single one of those coupons is listed below along with an overview of how they have been structured and designed, so please do rad on for when you compare the pay-outs and winning potential of those coupon bets with ones available at other bookie sites, you will soon see why Betfred is the number one betting site for football punters!

Goals Galore Coupon

The very first Goals Galore coupon bet that Betfred launched was their aptly named Goals Galore coupon! When you have a bet using this coupon you must pick at the very least three matches form the large number of them displayed on the coupon or as many matches as you like.

You are then faced with hoping that the matches you have chosen will end with both teams having scored at least one goal, it doesn’t matter if either team or both teams score more than one goal each, if both teams do score a goal on each of your chosen teams then your bet will be settled as an accumulator.

Goals Galore Bonus Coupon

Whilst you are going to find the pay-out odds are high on the above coupon bet, Betfred isn’t known as the Bonus King for nothing, and with that in mind the team of odds compilers will pick out a much smaller number of football matches and put them on their Goals Galore Bonus coupon.

Those handpicked teams are then going to have some slightly enhanced odds on offer on them, and as such whilst you do still have to pick out matches in which one goal at least will be scored by both opposing teams the winning pay-outs you can achieve in this coupon bet will be higher than are offered on the above coupon bet, so do check this one out for some added betting value.

When betting on the Goals Galore Bonus coupon you are obliged however to pick out at least three matches much like the above bet for it to be accepted.

Goals Galore – No Draw Coupon

Big pay-outs for tiny stakes is what Betfred are famed for offering their customers, and that is something that you could experience yourself if you choose to make use of the Goals Galore No Draw coupon.

You can pick at minimum of just two matches or any number above two matches, and what you will then be hoping happens is that both teams do score one goal each at least, and if they do then you are part wat there to getting a winning pay-out.

However, for each match you pick and your coupon bet to be declared a winning one each of those matches in which both teams score one or more goals each must not end in a draw!

To give you an added incentive to make use of this coupon, the pay-out odds are very attractive if you picked two teams and win the pay-out odds are 6/1. Which will become a pay-out of a huge 25000/1 if you pick ten teams and each of them does not end in a draw but both teams in each match do score at least one goal each!

Goals Galore – 1st Half/2nd Half Coupon

If you have been getting excited regarding the above few Goals Galore coupon bets, then wait until you hear about the final one! That is the Betfred Goals Galore 1st Half/2nd Half coupon on which you will be hoping to win big for a very little stake, and it does give you the chance of doing just that!

Now, you are going to have to pick out teams, and just a minimum of two matches, or as many as you like above two in number, in which both teams in each match will score one goal each at least, but you must also decide whether they are going to score those goals in the first half of the match or in the second half.

If for example you pick the bare minimum of two matches and pick the first half goals then if both teams in each of those two matches do score a goal each at least in the first half the pay-out odds are very generous at 20/1, pick the second half option and the odds are 11/1.