Today’s Vitality T20 Blast Matches

I am pleased to let all you cricket fans know that there are quite a number of Vitality T20 Blast matches taking place later today, and as such you are going to have plenty of betting opportunities available to you on each of those matches.

However, there is something of an art form to betting on any cricket matches, and that simply involves shopping around and comparing the odds available to you at various different betting sites, to ensure that the odds you take are the highest in the industry.

You can however save yourself a lot of time and effort by heading on over to the Ladbrokes betting site, for as soon as you do you will find some of the best odds available on tonight’s Vitality T20 Blast matches, and that leading betting site is also offering you plenty of unique and exclusive bets and wagers on each of today’s matches too.

One match that punters are latching onto is the match between Lancashire and Durham, the form of both teams does suggest that it is going to be a very difficult match to try and predict, and that in turn does mean the odds on each team are appealing.

It is Lancashire that are currently the favourite to win that match and Ladbrokes are offering win odds of 8/11 on them coming out on top, however I am more than aware there will be plenty of punters of there who do think that match could go the way of a Durham win, and if that is something you think will happen you can secure odds of 11/10 on them winning that match.

Glamorgan vs Essex Match Betting

Due to the number of cricket matches that are being played today and the additional ones that I have listed further down this betting guide that are also being played tomorrow, there may be some additional value to be had by you perming together any number of teams in both doubles and trebles bets.

In fact, if you are of the mind that you can correctly predict which team will win every single match in this guide, then you can of course go for glory and place an accumulator bet on each of them, but you will of course need all teams to win to bag yourself a potentially huge pay-out!

Another match that is going to be worth checking out and possibly betting on is the match in which Glamorgan are the current favourites to beat their opponents Essex.

As far as the odds go, then once again it is Ladbrokes that do appear to have the most generous ones on offer much more so on their outright betting market on that match, and those odds for reference are Glamorgan at 4/6 and Essex at 6/5.

But as I say I would seriously consider backing a few teams in multiple bets, for if you do get those bets up and they are winning ones you are going to receive some much higher valued pay-outs than you ever would betting each team individually to win their respective matches!

Durham v Leicestershire

Durham are scheduled to play a match tomorrow as well as today, and tomorrow they are going to be playing in another Vitality T20 Blast match, this time against Leicestershire.

It would appear that punters are not worried about the team being teams after today’s match for they are latching onto Durham so much so that the odds on them winning this match tomorrow are just 8/11, so that does speak volumes about the form of the team.

However, even though one team match be very short odds on to win a cricket match, it does necessarily mean that they will and, there are going to be plenty of punters out there probably much more so who are also fans of Leicestershire who are backing hat team to win, and by doing so at Ladbrokes they will be rewarded with win odds of 11/10.

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Derbyshire v Northamptonshire

I do like the makeup of another match that is being played tomorrow as part of the series of Vitality T20 Blast matches, and that match is the Derbyshire v Northamptonshire, on which I will be backing the underdog to come out on top.

As far as the current favourite to win that match, that honour goes to Derbyshire, and if you are quick you can secures odds of 8/13 on them winning, however I am not sure why but I personally get the feeling that Northamptonshire are going to win that match, and I have managed to already secure 5/4  at Ladbrokes.

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