Today’s Northern Ireland Open Betting Tips

I think it may be financially beneficial for you to consider placing an Acca bet today, and having listed on that bet a number of different snooker players to win their upcoming Northern Ireland Open matches, as there are plenty of matches that are going to be in play today.

Below you will win a good mix of matches, and by hopping from TV channel to TV channel you are going to find plenty of those matches that are being televised live too.

Just keep in mind that art to getting the highest winning payouts irrespective of whether you are betting on an individual player to win a match or several of them on an Acca bet, is getting the best betting odds, and that is where it often pays to bet at BetFred, and it will be their current snooker match betting odds I will be quoting below too.

The first snooker player to consider backing today is in the Ken Doherty v Scott Donaldson match, and it is Donaldson that I feel is going to take that match easily, and his odds of doing so are 1/2.

Selby and Murphy an Excellent Double Bet

The Mark Selby v Anthony Hamilton snooker match that is in play this afternoon should be a good match to watch, and as far as the predicted winner of that match I doubt that Selby is going to let his legion of fans down, and the odds you can secure on him winning that match right now are 2/9.

I also think that in the Shaun Murphy v Sam Baird match there is only going to be one possible outcome and that is a win for Murphy and with odds of 1/4 the team of odds compilers over at BetFred agree with me on that!

Other Matches worth Betting on This Afternoon

At even money Sanderson Lam looks an exceptional bet this afternoon and those odds are good enough for me to have a fair sized bet on him beating his opponent Joe O’Connor!

The Zhang Anda v Yan Bingtao match looks a little tricky to predict the outcome of, for both of those two snooker players do have what it takes to win that match, but having taken everything into account I am of the mind that it will be Bingtao at odds of 1/2 that will take that match this afternoon.

Jack Lisowski has an excellent chance of beating his opponent that being Hossein Vafaei today and that is why I recommend that you do consider betting on him at his current win odds of 4/9 and also possibly have him included in any Acca related snooker bets you are thinking of placing today too!

Luke Simmonds is not expected to beat Joe Swail today, however I will leave it up to you to decide which if any snooker player to back in that match and their win odds are 7/4 and 4/9 respectively.