Thoughts on the Upcoming World Cup in Russia

Many people will already have placed an array of bets on the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and by betting well in advance of the Group Stages kicking off, if your chosen team or teams do progress through those stages and you have bet early on them you will have secured some quite high valued pay-out odds.

However, it is something of a minefield out there regarding just where to place your World Cup bets, which types of football bets to place and which ones are going to give you a fair chance of winning big or reducing the chances of your losing, and that is something I will be looking at in the following guide.

As the excitement begins to build on this truly international football tournament, it can also be the case you could get carried away, and often sports bettors will let their hearts rule their heads when it comes to betting on their home nations’ team.

If you are about to place some World Cup related bets, then before you set about doing so please do sit back and read through this guide, for there may be some teams I am going to mention and showcase and some unique types of bets that are you may be much more interested in placing, rather than just pick one team to win a match or get through to the final game.

Betting on the Lat Two Teams Standing

You can of course try and guess which of the many teams still in this tournament are going to get through to the final, and to be fair there are some high valued odds on those betting markets, if you are prepared to give this bet a try.

The four most likely outcomes include Germany / Brazil at 11/1, Germany / France at 14/1, Brazil / Spain at 16/1 and France / Spain at 18/1, but those pairings do not have very appealing odds it does have to be said.

Therefore, for a speculative bet and one that will certainly bear fruits if you do manage to pick the two teams that do make it through to the final, consider betting on Germany / Belgium at 28/1, Brazil / Belgium at 28/1 or even Spain / England at 50/1!

Favourites and Outsiders to Win the World Cup in 2018

Grabbing some value on any teams you fancy betting on in the World Cup is only possible, if you bet on them before the group stages have all be played, for by that time the odds on each of the team that are still in the tournament will drop in value from what they are now!

So, if you fancy a bet on the favourites those being Brazil at 9/2 and Germany at 9/2 you need to get your bets on now, for if you hang around those odds will evaporate if either team does progress to the next stage.

France will be a team many punters will be backing at 11/2, but both Spain at 13/2 and Argentina at 9/1 are in with a chance too. In fact, such is the nature of this international tournament, any of the other teams are in with a chance of winning.

It will of course be the home nation supporters that are going to be lumping their money on teams such as Belgium at 10/1, England at 16/1 and both Portugal and Uruguay at 25/1, and to be fair if everything does fall into place for those teams on the pitch any of them could win.

Easy-way vultures will also be placing some well thought out bets on teams such as Colombia at 28/1 and Croatia at 33/1 and who knows the likes of Russia the home nation at 33/1 and Poland at 40/1 do have a chance of winning, albeit a tiny chance! Other teams vary regarding their odds with Sweden at 80/1 right through to Saudi Arabia at 1000/1!

Betting on the Group Stages

In this final section of this betting guide on the FIFA World Cup 2018, I will be giving you a run through of the odds that are available on the teams that are fancied the most to qualify in the group stages of the tournament.

Just make sure that you get your bets placed on this betting market sooner rather than later as it won’t be very long before the matches in the group stages will be under way!

Group A sees Uruguay being the odds-on favourite to qualify, those odds being 1/4, but most people are expecting to see Russia make it through the group stages at least, and if that is something that you think will happen, then bag their odds of doing so which are currently 3/10.

Spain at 1/14 and Portugal at 1/6 are the two teams that most people will be betting on to qualify in Group B, but if you are prepared to throw caution to the wind and bet on Morocco you will get odds of 7/2 and the odds available on Iran are 11/2.

People living in Australian, Denmark and Peru will of course all be hoping their home nation qualifies in Group C, however it is very hard to look past France on doing so and their odds of doing so are 1/16.

Group D will be a tricky one to qualify for, as the tams in that group are well balanced regarding their form, except of course for the favourites to qualify in that group that being Argentina who are 1/8 to do so.

There is only one team that looks a sure-fire bet to qualify in Group E and that team is Brazil, however you may be forced to have to perm them with some teams in other groups if you are to get some bigger winning pay-outs, for their currency qualifying odds at the group stage are 1/16.

If Germany do not qualify in the group stages then the bookmakers will be smiling all the way to the bank, for they have been heavily backed to do so, so much so that the best odds you are likely to find on them qualifying are 1/12!

The bookmaker’s odds compliers have decided that in Group G, Belgium is the team that is most likely to qualify, and have given them odds of 1/12 on them doing so, but to be fair England does also have a chance of doing so too and their odds are 1/8.

If you have made it right down to this last part of my guide on the FIFA World Cup 2018, then you may just be interested in placing a bet on which team you think is going to be the one that will be qualifying in Group H.

What you will enjoy about the range of betting opportunities on this group is that the odds available are much more generous than in the groups above, but that does mean any team could qualify. Colombia are the favourite to qualify at odds of 2/5, Poland are not far behind them as their odds are 4/7, and you can get Senegal on 11/8 and the odds available on Japan qualifying are 7/4.