This Weeks UEFA Nations League Matches

This week sees a nonstop steady stream of matches that are being played off as part of the UEFA Nations League, and now is the time you should be picking out the teams you fancy winning those matches as there are some excellent odds available.

I would advise you to head on over to the Bruce Betting site, for not only are you going to be able to bet on the team you think will win that league at the end of the season, but all matches scheduled this week are also chalked up on their betting markets!

Therefore let me give you some ideas of just which matches are going to be worth backing, and the first one that jumps off the betting markets at me is the Wales v Republic of Ireland match.

If your loyalties lay with the Wales team then you are certainly going to be tempted to make use of the 6/5 odds on them winning that Bruce Betting have on offer, those of you who think that match is going to end in a draw can back the draw at 2/1 and the value bet in that match has to be a Republic of Ireland win at their win odds of 13/5!

Slovenia v Bulgaria

The Slovenia v Bulgaria match to be fair is a quite hard match to try and work out who the likely winner will be, and that is probably something that many bookies have been trying to get their heads around.

However, Bruce Betting have been able to work out a quite valuable and generous set of odds on the three possible outcomes in that match, and as such they have Slovenia chalked up at odds of 23/20, the draw is 21/10 and the odds attached to a Bulgaria win are 5/2.

Saturdays Standout Matches

There are matches being played this week on Thursday, Friday and also Saturday, but having studied the early betting markets over at Bruce Betting I have found three matches scheduled to kick off on Saturday that do offer tremendous value.

The first match is the Northern Ireland v Bosnia and Herzegovina match, and Bruce Betting are going 15/8 on a home win and also offering the exact same odds on the draw and the odds available on the away team are certainly appealing being as they are 17/10.

There is also the Switzerland v Iceland match being played this Saturday too and as far as where you should be placing your money I will leave that up to you, however the odds on Switzerland are high at 4/5, the draw odds are 12/5 and you can get very attractive odds on Iceland of 15/4.

The other match that may just be worth betting on is the Finland v Hungary match, and I say that are Finland are on offer at odds of 11/8, and you can get odds of 21/10 on both the draw and also on a Hungary win too, so the over-round on that match is tiny and there is value to be had!