Sweden vs England Betting

The streets of the UK and Sweden are going to empty this afternoon as today is of course the day when Sweden are taking on England, and only one of them is going to make it through to the Semi Finals of the FIFA World Cup.

It is however the case that from a betting point of view the most money being wagered on the outright betting markets on that game is being placed on England to win, and you will find odds of around 19/20 being offered to you by all betting sites on an England win.

Once the first 90 minutes of normal play has been played off, if the result is a draw and you can back the draw in 90 minutes of play at 9/4 there will of course be extra time and if that fails to determine a winner it will be penalties that will determine which team make its through to the next round.

The odds on Sweden winning are 19/5 and as such they are the underdogs to win, however underdogs they are certainly not in the greater scheme of things, as they have made it through this far in the tournament and do have a chance of winning it!

How Will the Game Be Won?

If you do think this match is going to be a long and drawn out one you can of course bet on how the game will be won in addition to the standard 90 minutes of play time, and Betfred are offering odds on the match going to way of Sweden in Extra-Time at odds of 16/1, and Sweden but by Penalties at 9/1.

If you think that England will win in Extra-Time they will give you odds of 8/1 which look generous as are the odds available on an England being determined by Penalties are 9/1, but no England fan will want the match to get that far!

First Goal Scorer

You can also bet on which player, for either team, you think is going to be the very first one to score a goal in the match, and regarding the Swedish players you can get odds of 8/1 on Marcus Berg banging in the first goal, Ola Toivonen can be had at 9/1 and both John Guidetti, John and Isaac Thelin are available at odds of 10/1 too.

England fans are going to be looking at Harry Kane to be the first goal scorer and that is a result that the bookies fear, so much so they have him chalked up at rather low odds of 9/4 to be the very first goal scorer!

Jamie Vardy could be the first goal scored in this match and his odds of doing so are 5/1, and you can get odds of 11/2 on Marcus Rashford being the first goal scorer, and Danny Welbeck and Raheem Sterling are both on offer at odds of 6/1.

Whatever the result though, this is bound to be one of the most watched matches so far in the tournament and either team does have a good chance of winning!