Sundays Bets Racing Tips

I always enjoy my racing exploits on a Sunday, for the betting shops whilst open are much quieter so you can always get your bets on if you do decide to get out and about, but you can of course always stay at home and bet on any horses running on a Sunday and watch those races live on any of the racing channels on TV too.

I have however spotted quite a number of betting opportunities today on a handful of races that do jump off the racecards at me, and as such I want to share those racing tips with you below, so do read on and decide for yourself if they are going to be worth backing today or not!

You will actually always get much better value when you shop around and compare the odds form home that are being offered to you form a range of different betting sites, so in regards to my very first tip of the day make sure that is something you do!

That tip is Two Blondes, and if there was ever a race set up for that horses it is today’s 3:30 race at Brighton, as to whether you should back it to win or each-way, I will leave that decision up to you to make, but as it is being offered at most betting sites at 15/2 a bet is certainly what you should behaving on that horse today!

I like the Look of Balkinstown Today

Let me now move over to a race that is being held at Worcester today, whilst it looks like a run of the mill race, there is one horse that I do feel has a very good chance of if not winning at least filling one of the placed positions.

That horse is Balkinstown and it will be in the 4:45 race at Worcester that you will find it running today, perhaps a solid each-way bet is the order of the day on Balkinstown today a its odds are on offer at around the 9.2 mark at several different betting sites!

Plenty of Value Waiting to Be Secured Today

There are of course plenty of other races you may be casting your eye over today, and one that did jump out at me as I was reading the racing pages of my Sunday paper today was the 2:45 race over at Worcester.

It is Flying Tiger that I have already backed to win that race, and win it is something I think it will do, but as the odds are currently 5/6 and are likely to drop in value as the starting time of that race approaches make sure you get your bets placed on it right now!

You will be best advised to check out the odds on my next tip of the day at Betfair, for it isn’t one of the favourites to win so the odds available on it on their betting exchange should be quite high.

That horse is Novis Adventus, and it will be lining up in the 4:15 race at Worcester and currently it is trading at around the 13/2 mark!