Sun Bets Review

Sun Bets are part of The Sun Newspaper, well they are a betting sites that is known as a white label one, meaning that whilst it is fully branded and advertised by The Sun, the day to day running of that betting site is done by another company

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t sign up to and place your bets and wagers at Sun Bets, for you will always know where to complain to if you ever run into any types of problems when betting at their sites or when using the betting app.

But to be perfectly honest the chances of you expiring any problems when betting at Sun Bets is tiny, for they have been plodding align and doing their own thing for several years now, and you would be surprised at just how large a customer base they do have.

If you are shopping around for a new betting site to sign up to and place your sports related bets at, then you are of course spoilt for choice, however read on as by doing so you will find out my opinion as to whether they are a site you will enjoy betting at or not!

Place a Bet and Get a Bet Free Today!

A free matched bet is what is available to any of our website visitors that do make what I feel is going to be the very wise decision of signing up to Sun Bets, and to get that bonus simply click or tap on any of our links and fill out their registration form.

Keep in mind though that as they are a UK facing betting site you will of course be able to fund your account in UK Pounds and will then be able to place your bets, claim their bonuses and cash out all your winnings in GBP too!

What I think you are also going to like is the way that Sun Bets always have in place a different sports betting promotional offer available to their customers on each day of the week, so check out their website to find what else you can make use of in addition to their sign-up bonus today.

Never Miss a Bet with the Sun Bets App

Sun Bets are going to be offering you every possible type of sports bet you can imagine, and possibly plenty of other types of bets and wagers that you may never have placed before, and they do now offer the standard online betting platform and a much more advanced mobile betting app too.

As soon as you sign up on either the app or their betting platform your account username and the password you have chosen will allow you to utilize them both, so do not think you will have to open another account to access both!

All deposits you make are accessible in either betting platform, and there are going to be no differences regarding the stake limits you can place, the number of bets or the available betting markets no matter which way of betting at the Betway sportsbook you choose.

What I would always suggest you do is to have the mobile betting app from Betway loaded onto your mobile phone, for that way you can place a bet at any time and from anywhere you are and if you want to make a withdrawal from your account when away from your computer, then that is something you will very easily be able to do.

The app by the way, does offer the same levels of protection as any banking app you may have downloaded, so you will have no worries about the security of your account when you do use the app, but do make sure you keep your user name and password secret.

It may also be advisable, in fact it would be the best thing to do for you to also ensure that you lock your mobile devices screen as that way if you do ever lose your mobile or it gets stolen then anyone who tries to access your phone will not be able to do so and will not be able to gain access to your betting account either!

Diverse Range of Betting Markets

You are never going to want to waste your valuable time and hard-earned money betting at a sports betting site that isn’t very well equipped to offer all manner of different betting markets on any sporting events or sporting fixtures being held all over the world.

But if you do not sign up to sportsbooks such as Sun Bets then you may end up at a betting site which only offers a small limited number of betting markets and only has a small number of sporting events covered on those betting markets.

Keep in mind that thanks to the new breed of betting platforms and betting apps available online and to mobile phone users, such as the ones now available to customers of Sun Bets, you can place bets before any event begins, but can continue placing bets as those events are in-play and in running.

The world is your oyster when you do set about becoming an online or mobile sports bettor, and you owe it to yourself to sign up to only the leading betting sites and that is the category of sportsbook I would put Sun Bets in!

Legal and Safe Betting at the Sun Bets Betting Site

Sun Bets welcomes customer that are based in the UK and as such you are going to find that when opening your account and then setting about making a deposit you can deposit using any available methods, but your deposits will of course be made in GBP!

Being licensed by the UK Gambling Commission means that they must know who their customers are, so expect at some point not long after registering as a new customer to send into them copies of your identification documents, then they will be able to verify your account and your name, age and address too.

Once your account has bene verified you will be good to go and being a UK licensed betting site, you will always shave access to all your betting logs, financial history in the betting site and can also set your won gambling limits too.

You may never have heard of Sun Bets but make no mistake about it they are a top-notch betting site and one I am always happy to introduce to our website visitors!

Sun Bets Customer Support

The Sun Bets sportsbook is a white label betting site which means nobody from the parent company of The Sun newspaper has any control over the day to day running of the sportsbook, even though it is fully branded in their name.

Whilst that may put you off signing up and betting with them the company that does run their betting site has many years’ experience of doing so and they also run and operate a range of other betting and gambling sites, and they are all fully licensed too.

So just keep in mind their outsourced support team you can contact 24 hours a day, 7 days each week, will also run the support service for several other betting and gambling sites too, and that in turn means at times their customer care team at Sun Bets can be very busy.

So, every now and then you may be faced with some delays regarding them responding to you, but eventually someone will reply to your emails or start to chat with you when you are using the saint chat service, but do not expect an instant response when they are busy with is usually in the evening and all over the weekend too.

My Thoughts on the Sun Bets Sportsbook

Whilst everything about the way that Sun Bets is run and operated does tick all the right boxes with me, just keep in mind there is an outsourced company running their sportsbook, and as such I often find it is hard to get a good relationship with account managers at such sites.

That may not be a probably if you only like to have an occasional flutter, but often when you do have a very good account manager you can often badger them into giving you some slightly better odds or much more valued packed promotional offers, if you do bet big and regularly.

So, I will leave the decision as to whether to sign up to Sun Bets to you, for there is nothing that I have found that I could say will put you off betting with them, and you will need to see their betting markets for yourself to evaluate just how generous or not they are when it comes to pricing up those betting markets.

But at the end of the day, no matter what sporting event you wish to bet on and what types of bets you enjoy placing you will always find plenty of them on offer to you at Sun Bets!