State of Origin Match Betting

There is a Rugby League match that is scheduled to kick off this week that is part on the State of Origin series, and that match is one in which Queensland are taking on New South Wales.

As there are bound to be plenty of you out there who do fancy placing a bet on that outcome of that match, I have put together the following guide that will give you an insight into just what betting opportunities are available on that match.

Let me start off by letting you know the match betting opportunities based on 80 minutes of play time. It is New South Wales that are the favourite to win that match and with betting site such as Betfred offering you odds of 8/13 on them winning, that is the betting site I would urge you to bet at!

However, there is of course the chance the match could go the way of Queensland and the best odds I have found are 11/8 on them winning, but if you think that match will end in a draw, even though that is highly unlikely the odds on that being the outcome after 80 minutes of play are 20/1.

Handicap Betting Market

There is of course a handicap betting market on offer to you on this match, and if you fancy trying to increase your chances of winning then let me give you an overview of the handicap and odds that are available.

With odds of 10/11 with a +4 handicap Queensland my look a slightly better proposition than the above standard outright betting market, and you can also get a +4 handicap on a tie and the adjusted odds are 20/1 on that bet. With a -4 handclap on New South Wales their win odds are 10/11.

Double Result Betting

There are of course some much bigger odds on offer if you are prepared to look a little further afield than those two betting markets listed above, and one that should give you an interest in the match is the double result betting market.

That betting market will see you simply having to decide what the result of the match will be at half time and at full time too, there are nine possible outcomes available, and below you will find an overview of each of them along with the respective odds too.

The Queensland – Queensland result is on offer at Betfred at odds of 11/5, the Queensland – Draw result is 50/1 and the Queensland – New South Wales bet is on offer at 6/1.

You can back the Draw – Queensland result at 16/1, the Draw – Draw at 80/1 and the Draw – New South Wales result at 12/1, but just keep in mind the actual chance of any of those three outcomes occurring!

Finally you can also bet on the New South Wales – Queensland result at 9/1, the New South Wales – Draw result at odds of 50/1 and the New South Wales – New South Wales at 6/5.