Semi Finals Betting on the Melbourne Darts Master Tournament

It does appear that it was a decision well made for Michael Smith, Gary Anderson, Michael Van Gerwen and Peter Wright to make the very lengthy flight over to Australia to take part in this year’s Melbourne Darts Masters tournament, for each of those four darts players have of course secured their place in the Semi Finals of that tournament.

However, as you would expect there isn’t a betting site around that hasn’t got a betting market open on each of the two matches that make up the semi finals, and most betting sites are still going to be offering you odds on which player you think is going to win the final match too!

As such, as you may be planning on watching either of those semi finals later today, let me pass onto you details of the current odds associated and attached with each player in those two semi final matches, and also let you know where you are going to be able to secure the very best odds too.

For reference it is going to be over at the Betfred betting site right now where you will be able to secure all of the following odds, for once against they have odds boosters on offer and have made each players respective win odds as high as they possibly can, to allow you to lock in even more betting value!

Michael Smith v Gary Anderson Semi Final Match Betting

One thing is for certain and that is both Michael Smith and Gary Anderson are not going to go down without a fight in their semi final match today, and to be fair the chances of either player making it through to the final game are good.

However, as far as the betting markets go it is currently  Michael Smith who is the slight outsider to win that match for the best odds I have found on him winning arte 2/1, but that is a value bet if you do fancy his chances of winning.

If on the other hand you are of the mind, as most punters are that it will be Gary Anderson that will win this match then the odds currently up for grabs and on offer at betting sites like Betfred are 2/5.

Michael Van Gerwen v Peter Wright Semi Final Match Betting

Moving onto the one other semi final match today that is of course the Michael Van Gerwen v Peter Wright  match, that does look like a very one sided match, much more so when you take a look at the betting market on offer on it.

It is Michael Van Gerwen that have sports bettors and fans of the sport most excited and watching to take a punt on him, but that fact has of course resulted in his win odds for that match dropping right down to an unappealing 1/6, but having said that you never know, Peter Wright may just win that match and his win odds on doing so are 4/1!