Santini to Win the Ladbrokes Novice Chase

Santini is looking like the most likely winner of this year’s running of the Ladbrokes Novice chase, but punters wanting to get any decent odds on that horse are going to have to get their act together as its win odds are swindling constantly!

However, over at BetFred on their ante post betting market for that race you can still bag odds of 2/1 on Santini winning, but the clock is ticking down to the start of the race which for reference is at 13:50 this coming Saturday, and it does of course go without saying those odds may change at any time, and not in an upward way either!

However, having said that each-way backers will get paid out to three places at one fifth the win odds at that betting site, so there is plenty of options available for such punters.

The horses that are much higher up that betting market and do it has to be said have more than a reasonable chance of winning or getting places include the two current 7/2 shots those being La Bague Au Roi and Lostintranslation at 7/2 and do not underestimate the chances of Bags Groove at 11/2 either!

Could Any Other Horse Win?

As the race is one in which the horses are all of course novices, there is nothing stopping you backing any horse you fancy, as to be fair any of them could suddenly find their form and win it.

If you want to chance your arm so to speak and try for one of the horses that has much higher odds attached to it then consider placing a speculative bet on the likes of Spiritofthegames at 8/1 or even Le Breuil at 12/1 too.

Least Likely Winners of the Ladbrokes Novice Chase

It ois going to be much more likely that it will be one of the horses I have so far named up above that is going to win this year’s Ladbrokes Novice Chase, however as long as there are other horses with much higher odds, there will always be punters willing to take their chances on the outsiders.

Therefore if you want to try and win big but by backing one of the friendless horses in the ante post betting market for this race then check out horses such as Topofthegame at 14/1 or the aptly named Secret Investor at 16/1, as those odds will be tempting for outsider backers for sure!

There are three other horses that will be lining up and running in this race all being well, and they include two that are currently chalked up and on offer at odds of 20/1 an they are Mr Big Shot at and Talkischeap.

As for which horses is the one that is expected to finish last, if it gets around the course is Vivas and being so you are going to find the odds available on it winning are huge, and for reference those odds are currently around the 66/1, but many betting sites will have even higher odds attached to it.