Russia vs Saudi Arabia Correct Score Betting

We are soon going to see the first match of the Group Stages of the World Cup 2018 finally being played, and that match is of course the Russia vs Saudi Arabia match that is scheduled to start in a blaze of glory at 16:00 this Thursday.

Millions of people will of course be watching the opening ceremony of the Group Stages of the World Cup tournament, and plenty of those viewers will also be placing plenty of bets throughout the tournament too.

With that in mind I am going to be enlightening you on a range of betting opportunities that you may be interested in betting on in that match below, including the correct score betting odds.

However, if you simply want to bet on either team to win that match, or bet on it ending in a draw the associated odds are Russia 4/9 to win, the Draw is on offer at 16/5 and Saudi Arabia are 8/1 to win.

Correct Score Betting on Russia or Saudi Arabia to Win

Let me now rattle through the correct score odds you will be able to secure on Russia winning this match which a range of different scores. The first bet you could be tempted to place is on Russia winning 1-0 and the odds on that result are 4/1.

For Russia to win with a score of 2-0 the odds are 9/2, 2-1 the odds grow in value to 8/1 and get even bigger on a 3-0 win at odds of 17/2, the match could end in a Russia win with a result of 3-1 and the odds on that happening are 14/1 and a 3-2 win for Russia can be bet on currently at odds of 35/1!

You may still be convinced that Saudi Arabia are going o win this match and the lowest correct score odds on them doing so is a 0-1 win for them at odds of 16/1 if you think they will win with a score of 0-2 the odds are 40/1.

The other possible outcomes are a win for Saudi Arabia with a result of 1-2 at odds of 25/1, or and the odds on them scoring three goals and Russia none are 0-3 200/1! But do take into account this is probably not going to be a huge scoring match!

Correct Score Draw Odds

The 16/5 odds you can bag on the draw may appeal to you, however the correct score betting markets on a draw are going to give you access to some much greater odds!

Take for example the 0-0 draw result, you will get odds of 15/2 on that option, but if you think there will be a draw with more goals scored then read on.

You can bet on the 1-1 result at odds of 7/1, a 2-2 draw is on offer at most betting sites at odds of 25/1 and a 3-3 draw odds are 175/1 and 500/1 is on offer if the match finished 4-4 or 5-5!