Rugby Betting – South Africa vs. England Saturday 9th of June

S.A. Vs England Rugby Betting 2018

There is a major Rugby International match all scheduled for the 9th of June 2018, and that match will see South Africa playing against England.

Now, the one thing to keep in mind that if you have made the very savvy decision of signing up to any of our approved betting sites, for example Paddy Power, then you are going to find plenty of different betting markets available on that match.

Therein lays your chances of getting some much better valued odds, rather than just simply betting on which team you think is going to win that match, for much like all other Rugby Union matches of this type, there is always going to be a favourite to win, and the odds associated with that favourite can be low and unappealing.

Having said that though, I certainly would not put you off placing a simple outright win bet on that match, and if you are interested in doing so if you act right now you will get odds of 3/4 on South Africa winning, and 14/1 on the draw and currently England are 5/4 to win.

So, for once the betting markets are fairly even and level on with South France just about being the favourite to win that match.

South Africa vs. England Handicap Betting Market

Now, if you fancy an equal set of odds on this match then I would urge you to consider placing a bet on the Handicap betting markets at sites such as Paddy Power, for that way you will know you are going to get paid out your winnings quickly and with no fuss and hassle if you do win!

The handicap betting market at that site current go 10/11 on South Africa winning but with a handicap of -2, the draw which also has a handicap of -2 is on offer at 19/1 but you must ask yourself whether this match is going to actually end in a draw, for that is very unlikely.

The handicap on England is +2 and that handicap mark means their win odds then become 10/11. But always weigh up the pros and cons of betting on a handicap market, especially on Rugby matches such as this one and ask yourself is there any value to be had rather than betting on a standard betting market!

Head to Head Betting Odds

You are also going to be given the option of betting head to head, and that means that the draw is taken out of the equation and as such it is just the winning team that you need to worry yourself about.

The odds of South Africa winning on the head to head betting market are 4/6 and you will be able to bet on England at odds of 11/10.

Whether or not those odds do excite you, if you are a big fan of Rugby make sure you do make a date in your diary to watch this match as it should be a very entertaining one and looking at the betting markets a very close one to call the winner of too!

Also, keep in mind that you are also going to be able to bet on that match at betting sites such as Betfair and as they offer a betting exchange that is a peer to peer type of betting platform on which you are not only going to be able to place a bet in the standard way, but often get much higher odds than you will find anywhere else, but you can also lay bets off other users of Betfair too!