Rob Cross is a Good Bet at 9/2 to Win the German Darts Masters

This Friday the 25th of May 2018 sees the German Darts Masters tournament starting in earnest, and as is always the case the betting markets do tend to give a good indication of the way punters are betting and obviously who the favourite it.

However, whilst the favourite is Michael van Gerwen, his odd on the early betting markets are so restrictive at 4/6, I do feel there is much better value to be had by placing a bet on one of the other inform playing.

It is with that in mind I do have a gut feeling that Rob Cross is going to excel in this year’s German Darts Masters, and at his current odds of 9/2 he surely must be worth a bet!

If you do feel that Michael Van Gerwen isn’t going to do well this year, and you don’t agree with me that the second favourite Cross is going to out play him and take the title, then allow me to look through the other players who could win this event.

From a betting point of view the only other two darts players that could come out on top are Gary Anderson and his odds do reflect his chances of winning for those odds are 5/1, and then there is Peter Wright, and when betting on him you do always have the peace in mind in knowing you are going to be getting you monies worth, and his odds are 8/1.

Each-Way Betting Opportunities on the German Darts Masters

Due to the number of players who will be taking their chances in the German Darts Masters the Each Way place information you may be interested in, if you want to place an Each Way bet is that you will find most betting sites are going 1/3 the odds on the first two placed finishers in this tournament.

So, if you do fancy trying to spot one of the players available at much higher odds and place such a bet on him, let me now look at some players that do have much more appealing odds on them.

The first of those players is Raymond van Barneveld and he may be worth a speculative punt if it is the odds you are looking for rather than raw talent and his odds of winning are 16/1.

Mensur Suljovic is in with a slim chance of making it through to the final game, and if you are of the mind he is likely to do so then you will be tempted to place a bet on his current odds of 20/1.

There is one other player whose odds are in double digits, as opposed to being in triple digits and that player is Jamie Lewis, now everything is going to have to fall into place for him to get through to the final game, but any player in the tournament could do so, and his odds for you value seekers out there are tempting at 80/1!

Total Outsider to Win the German Darts Masters

To be honest it is quite rare for one of the total outsiders to win an event such as the German Darts Masters and as such whilst the odds are going to be huge on the last few players I will be introducing you to, please do keep in mind their respective chances of winning this event are going to be tiny too!

Dimitri Van den Bergh will be hoping albeit against hope that he does win this event this year and with his odds being 100/1, it will be something of a miracle if he does so.

However, he is not the only player with huge odds attached to him or winning this major darts tournament for you will find that Max Hopp is on offer at massive odds of 125/1 and Martin Schindler is on offer at even higher odds those being 150/1!

The other players who appears to be just making the numbers up in this tournament and have no realistic chance what so ever of winning it include Gabriel Clemens at 200/1, both Dragutin Horvat and Stefan Stoyke can be had at 250/1.

Nico Kurz and Robert Marijanovicare another two players that whilst in with a tiny chance of winning, are not attracing much money on the betting markets and as such their odds of winning are 300/1

The one player that is completely friendless in the betting market is Manfred Bilderl who has the honour of being the rank outsider to win at odds of 500/1!