Riga Masters Snooker Match Betting

Three solid days of Snooker action will await you if you tune into the Riga Masters Tournament that is in play this year from the 27th of July through to the 29th of July. The cream of the world’s best snooker players will be descending on the Arena Riga which is in Latvia to take their chances in this tournament, and any of them could of course win it.

With that in mind below I am going to be introducing you to each of the matches that are going to be played on out day on of that Snooker tournament, and will be letting you know the best odds available on each match.

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The Graeme Dott v Maris Volajs snooker match is probably one if the most one-sided matches you are going to find being played out on Friday, for the odds on Dott winning are so small I doubt anybody will be betting on him, and those odds for reference are 1/50, his low odds do of course mean the odds on his opponent are much higher and those odds are 12/1!

The Robbie Williams v Lukas Kleckers match is scheduled as one of the very first matches to be played off in the tournament, so make sure you get your bets placed nice and early if you do fancy the chances of either player, and the odds offer on Williams winning are 3/10 and the odds on offer on Kleckers are 23/10.

In the Chris Wakelin v Sam Craigie match which I do know quite a lot of punters will be betting on there are some generous odds available at Bruce Betting, and those odds include 8/15 on Wakelin winning and 13/10 on Craigie winning.

The Best Snooker Betting Value

As the odds may start to change on some of the players that are taking part in matches on Friday, as the volumes of cash increase on certain players, then you really should consider placing your bets sooner rather than later.

The match between Xu Si v Mark King is an interesting one from a betting point of view for the odds you can currently secure on Is to win are 7/5 and there is a little bit of value to be had when betting on the favorite to win that match, that being King as his odds are quite reasonable at 1/2.

You will probably want to watch the Rodion Judin v Jimmy White match, I know I will be doing so, and I cannot see Judin winning that match in any shape or form and that is a view shared by many punters too, and the best odds available on Judin are15/4 and you need to act quick to secure the 1/6 win odds on White for I can see many punter backing him in the next day and his odds may start to drop!

Moving onto the Jamie Jones v Rod Lawler match, it does appear that the smart money so to speak is going to be on Jones to win that match, for there is no doubting his talent and abilities and with odds of 4/11 on him winning eh may be worth a punt, but an educated one. The odds on Lawler winning by the way are fair at 15/8!

Mei Xiwen is the 4/7 odds-on favourite to win in his match against Joe Swail, but I do know quite a few fans of Swail who are convinced he will come out on top in this match and will be mopping up his win odds at betting sites like Bruce Betting of 13/10!

It may also be worth betting on Stuart Carrington to win in his match against Fergal O’Brien, but as his odds are 4/6 then maybe he is one player you should consider including in doubles and trebles and even accumulators, the odds on O’Brien if you are interested are 23/20.

I doubt that David Lilley is going to win at his win odds of 10/3 in his match against Shaun Murphy, for looking at the form of the latter named player and his current win odds of 1/5 it is a match that should go the way of Murphy for sure,

Another match that is going to be an interesting match to watch and certainly an interesting one from a betting point of view is the Nigel Bond v Zhao Xintong match, the best odds I have so far come cross on Bond winning are 2/1 but it is Xintong that is pencilled in as the most likely winner of this snooker match and his 4/11 odds do reflect his chances of winning!

There e has already been a fair amount of cash being placed on Zhou Yuelong at 4/9 in his match against Craig Steadman and that volume of cash on him has resulted in the odds on Steadman creeping out to 13/8.

It could be a toss of a coin that helps you select the winner of the Scott Donaldson v Robin Hull snooker match that will be in play on Friday, and with odds of 8/13 on offer on Donaldson winning and odds of 5/4 on Hull winning, I will leave it up to you to decide just which player you think will come out on top in that match!

Whilst there are plenty of other matches in play this Friday I think the only other one worth betting on is the Kurt Maflin v Liang Wenbo match on which the favorite is Wenbo at win odds of 1/2 and the odds on a Maflin win are 7/5.