Premier League Matches on the 18th and 19th of August

This weekend’s Premier League betting markets are, from an odds point of view, the usual mixed bag! Over at our featured Bruce Betting site they have their ever popular weekend football coupon now available to their online and mobile punters, and you are going to find some quite appealing odds on many of those matches too.

With that in mind I have put together below an overview of each of those matches and will be letting you know where the value lies in regards to the odds that betting site will be offering you. Let me start off with the Premier League matches scheduled to kick off on Saturday the 18th of August.

The Cardiff v Newcastle match is one in which there isn’t much separating both teams in regards to their form and win odds, slight preference is given to Cardiff who are 21/10 to win that match, Newcastle are  6/4 and you can get 21/10 on the draw too.

Another match that many bookies and punters alike is going to go the way of the home team this weekend is the Leicester v Wolves, if you do fancy backing Leicester they are 21/10 at Bruce Betting, the draw odds are 12/5 but if your loyalties lay with Wolves you can bag odds right now of 13/5 on them winning that match.

I think it is a fairly safe bet that West Ham will win their match against Bournemouth, however that will of course be your decision to make and with them being offered at odds of 23/20, and with the draw are 5/2 along with Bournemouth being 23/10 there is value to be had no matter which way you thing the match will end.

It will be a major upset if Fulham manage to beet Spurts this Saturday, the home team that being Spurs in that match are very short odds on at 2/7, the draw looks unlikely at 9/2 and for you Fulham fans, are you tempted with the 10/1 odds they currently have about them? If so act quickly to ensure you secure those odds!

Everton and Chelsea a Solid Double Bet

There are two additional matches that are schooled to kick off this Saturday and those are the matches in which Everton will be taking on Southampton and Chelsea will be playing against Arsenal.

Due to many fans of the sport being convinced those two matches are going to go the way of Everton and Chelsea many people will be placing a double bet on those two teams winning and that may be something you also fancy doing to get a much higher pay-out rather than betting on each team individually

As for the odds you can get on every possible outcome in those two matches well Everton are the 10/11 favourite to best Southampton who are 16/5 and for reference the draw odds are 12/5/ As for the Chelsea v Arsenal match it is Chelsea that are the favourites to win that match at 5/6, the draw odds are 14/5 and you can get 16/5 on an Arsenal win.

Premier League Matches for Sunday the 19th of August

Three additional matches that are part of the Premier League scheduled of matches being played out this weekend will be being played on Sunday the 19th of August, and once again it is Bruce Betting that are offering the best value regarding the odds on those matches.

The first of those matches is Burnley v Watford and the match is well balanced from a betting point of view for the home team are available right now at odds of 11/8, you can get 2/1 on the draw and 12/5 is also on offer on Watford too.

You will probably be of the mind that in the Man City v Huddersfield match it is going to be Manchester City that will win that match and win it quite easily too, that is an opinion shared by many bookies too and as such they are not taking any chances on this match and have Man City available a tiny odds of 1/12 those very short odds mean that the draw odds are huge at 10/1 and the odds on Huddersfield are enormous at 28/1!

The other Manchester team are also playing this Sunday and that sees them playing away at Brighton. The home advantages doesn’t seem to have affected the odds on Brighton who are 4/1 to win that match, the draw odds are 5/2 and Manchester United look a solid favourite at odds of 3/4

Crystal Palace v Liverpool

You may be wondering why Crystal Place and Liverpool have not so far been mentioned, well there is an explanation for that and that is they are both scheduled to play against each other this coming Monday the 20th of August.

For those of you out there that do fancy placing a bet on that match you can get odds of 11/2 on Crystal Palace winning, the draw odds are fair at 15/4 but that is a match that most people are convinced that Liverpool will win and their odds of doing so are 4/9.

2018/19 Premier League Winner

As far as just which teams are leading the betting as far as the outright Premier League 2018/19 season going, well the best odds you can get currently on the favourite to be the winner is 6/10 on Manchester City, however there are way too many matches yet to be played for that bet to be classed as a value bet!

There may however be some value if you do fancy the chances of Liverpool winning the Premier League this season for their odds are high right now at 3/1, you can also get odds of 12/1 on Manchester United and both Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur are 14/1.

There has also been a fair bit of money coming in for Arsenal to win the Premier League this season, and if that is a bet you are interested in placing their odds of doing so are 28/1.