Premier and Championship League and Champions Cup Betting

There is of course an abundance of football matches that are being played over the weekend, and with plenty of matches that will be kicking off you may fancy having a financial interest in the outcomes of those matches.

With that in mind below I have highlighted several betting opportunities and best bets of the day that I am convinced many punters will be interested in placing a bet on, and below you will also find the best current odds available at a range of betting sites on those matches too.

Premiership Outright Betting Markets

Now is certainly going to be the very best time for you to place on the team that you think is going to be crowned champion of the Premier League in the 2018/19 season.

For with a whole host of matches being played today and the season now getting off to a flying start the odds on the teams that do being to play off their upcoming matches and win will drop, so there is value to be had by securing the odds available right now, this very second.

You are going o be very hard-pressed to find any betting sites who are offering huge odds on Manchester City winning the Premiership this season, for all things consider they do have a great chance of winning, however the Winner Sportsbook are offering some fairly decent odds on them doing so of 8/13!

It is Liverpool who are currently pencilled in as the second favourite on this betting market, and if they do get off to a winning start and keep on winning their current odds of winning the Championship this season are going to drop much lower than their currently 4/1 odds of doing so.

It is of course going to be the case that teams such as Manchester United at 7/1 and Chelsea at 12/1 are going to have to find their very best form of many seasons gone by if they are going to win this league this year, however anything is of course possible so I would not put you off betting on either team!

As for the odds on a range of other teams, well you will certainly be tempted to place a bet on Tottenham or Arsenal if you are a fan of those teams for their win odds are currently 16/1 and 20/1 respectively.

English Championship League Betting

I have been checking out the English Championship League outright winner betting markets over at the Winner Sportsbook this morning, and have found some value packed odds available, if you fancy picking out a team that you think will go onto win that league this season.

Be aware though that as soon as the matches begin to get played out during the season the odds currently available at Winner are going to change, and as always happens the teams that do play well will have their respective odds cut in value.

So you do need to get your skates on if you are convinced that one team is going to win to ensure you get the very best odds on offer.

As far as the team that is likely to win, well that is of course open to debate, however due to the volume of money being played on Stoke City, they are currently the favourite team to win this league this season, and their current odds of doing so are quite attractive and appealing to be honest at 5/1.

There are two teams that are the current second favourite to win the Championship League this season and those teams are Middlesbrough and West Bromwich, and it is fair to say that either of them could win and their current odds are 7/1.

I am sure fans of Nottingham Forest will be hoping their team does come out on top this season and their win odds are 9/1, but there is of course always the chance that teams such as Derby County and Leeds United could end up being crowned champions this season and their odds are currently 10/1

As for a few speculative punts this early in the season it may also pay dividends to consider placing a bet on he likes of Aston Villa at 11/1, Brentford and Swansea at 14/1 or go for a potentially high pay-out by backing teams such as Sheffield Wednesday at 20/1 or even Norwich City at 22/1!

Upcoming Champions Cup Matches

If you are planning on watching some of the upcoming Champions Cup matches and fancy having a bet on them, there are plenty of betting opportunities on each of those matches.

You can for example bet on Inter at odds of 21/20 to win their match against Lyon who are for interest readily available at odds of 23/10, but if you think the match will end in a draw the Winner Sportsbook are offering odds of 53/20 on that being the outcome.

On the 5th of August you can watch the Real Madrid vs Juventus as many free to air TV channels across the globe will be airing that match, and as far as the win odds go the home team are pencilled up at win odds of 23/20, the draw odds are 13/5 and if you do fancy the chances of Juventus you can get odds of around the 21/10 mark on them winning.

Another match being played as part of the Champions Cup on the 5th of August is the match between Milan and Barcelona. That is in fact a fairly well balanced match as far as the odds go and as such you should quite easily find odds on Milan winning at 17/10, the draw is a possible outcome and the draw odds for reference are 14/5 and the odds on a Barcelona win are 11/8.

Keep in mind that you can also place a range of additional bets on each of the above matches; in fact sites like the Winner Sportsbook often have close to 200 individual bets on offer on each upcoming football match!