Placing Scorecast Bets Online

It can often be quite confusing when you fancy placing a bet on a football match when you start investigating some of the much more unusual bets and wager types that most betting sites are going to be giving you access too.

One bet that could initially have you scratching your head as to just how you set about placing it is a Scorecast bet, but they have started to become a very popular bet with football fans, for they do tend to offer some of the highest possible returns of any football bet if you are lucky enough to place a winning Scorecast bet!

As for what you are going to be tasked with having to do when placing such a bet, well first of all you have to try and work out which player, playing for either team is going to be the very first one to score a goal in any football match, and then also work out what you think the final score of that match is going to be.

Obviously there are a huge number of different permutations of possible first goalscorers and results that could occur in any football match and that is the reason the odds you will be offered on such bets can be very high indeed!

Where to Place Scorecast Bets

It isn’t going to be very difficult finding a betting site at which you are going to be offered a range of different bets such as Scorecast, however there is one betting site at which I just know you are going to get access to some of the best odds in the industry on all football related bets.

That betting site is of course Paddy Power, and as an added incentive to visit their site today and to sign up using our links you will be offered and enhanced sign up bonus which comes with some very favourable terms and conditions when you do so!

Consider Placing an Anytime Wincast Bet Too!

If you think you have no chance of what so ever being able to predict the first goalscorer in addition to the correct score of any upcoming football match, then there is another type of bet that you can place which have a slightly lower level of risk attached to them.

That other bet is known as an Anytime Wincast bet and Paddy Power are going to be offering them on all manner of different upcoming football matches, and they are quite a basic bet but much like a Scorecast bet they are made up of two bets in one.

What you are going to have to do to win when placing an Anytime Wincast bet is to try and pick one player that will score at any time in the football match and also pick the team that you think is going to win, and when you do correctly predict both of those two things you are going to be a winner, but be aware the odds you will be offered on such a bet can and will vary depending what outcome you predict and where you place such a bet too!