Placing Lucky 63 Bets Online

Once you do start betting on sporting events, you are very quickly going to have to get your head around how the many unique and some quite novel bet types have been designed and structured, for there are advantages of placing certain types of bets on certain types of sporting events.

Take for example horse racing, now it is not unheard of for horse racing punters to study the form of each race coming up and then picking out several horses in different races, and one bet that allow you and all other punters to cover six different selections in one single bet is a Lucky 63 bet.

The name of that bet does enlighten you as to just how many different bets are covered when placing it, and there are 63 bets in total your six horses will be covered in which for reference are  6 Singles, 15 Doubles, 20 Trebles, 15 Four-Fold bets, 6 Five-Fold bets and one six selection accumulator type of bet.

You need to work out how much you want to bet in total on such a bet for the unit stake you picked does need multiplying by 63 so that each bet has a stake on it, and also it is worth me pointing out that you can also place an each-way Lucky 63 bet but by doing so the number of bets jumps from 63 to 126 all of which will require their own exact unit stake to be placed on them.

Checkout the BetFred Lucky 63 Bonuses

I have three bonuses to tell you about if you fancy placing a Lucky 63 online or on your mobile device, firstly BetFred do give you access to a large sign up bonus when you use our links as the way you get to their website, so do check the terms and conditions of that bonus out by clicking on our links.

Also, if you do sign up to BetFred and then place any number if Lucky 63 bets with them if all six of your selections win they will give you payout a boost in value by 25% and when you pick just one winner the odds on that winner will be multiplied by x5!

Plenty of Other Multiple Bets Available

To be honest picking out six winning selections in for example six different races can be something of a tall order and as such you may fancy placing a similar bet to a Lucky 63 be but one that doesn’t have so many selections to place upon it.

If so there is a Lucky 31 bet on which you are only ever required to pick out four selections, and also a Lucky 31 bet too which will see you picking out five selections, and both of those bets do come with a range of bonus payouts when you place them at our featured betting sites!

There is also a bet you may just come across that is known as a Heinz bet, and when placing that bet you will still be picking out six selections but as opposed to there being 63 bets on it there are slightly fewer, that being just 57 bets which are all of those found on a Lucky 63 bet with the exception of the singles bets.