Placing Acca Bets Online

You are always going to have the option of placing any type of bet online or via a mobile phone or tablet device in much the same way as you can do so in any land-based betting shop, and one bet that is both risky and potentially huge paying in an Accumulator bet.

Accumulators have been proving to be popular with a much younger demographic of punter recently and have now been given the nickname “Acca”, and it is when betting on football matches that you are much more likely to place an Acca bet these days.

However, you are of course going to be able to include any type of sporting events on any Accumulator or Acca bet you place, and the basic design of that bet is that your initial stake is placed onto the first sporting event on your bet, and if it loses then your entire bet loses.

However, if the first bet wins on your Acca bet then the winnings and your initial stake then roll over and are then placed onto the next sporting event you have bet on, if that wins then the winnings and stake roll over onto the next sporting event and the next and so on

As long as each bet wins then the winning pay-out you are going to achieve can be enormous, based of course on the odds of the individual sporting event you have bet on and the stake you initially placed, but one or more losing bets on your Acca bet will see it losing, unless of course a bookie is offering you some form of Acca Insurance!

Betting Sites Offering Acca Insurance and Bonus Pay-Outs

If you do fancy placing an Acca bet then Ladbrokes are currently one betting site that is offering Acca insurance to their customers, and that insurance will kick in if you have placed a five (or more) team football accumulator bet but one of your teams lets you down.

They will give you a free bet as the Acca Insurance worth up to £10 in value if one team does let you down, however make sure as always you head on over to their website and read through the terms and conditions of that offer so that you know how it has been designed.

It is also worth me pointing out that some betting sites are also going to be giving you a bonus pay-out on winning Acca bets, however it will be the number of selections you place on your Acca bet that need to all win as to just how big the bonus pay-out awarded to you will be.

Two of our featured and top rated betting sites that do offer Acca bonus pay-outs are the 10 Bet Sportsbook along with the Coral betting site, so please do take a look over their websites for more details, and make sure that you click onto our links to get to their websites to also qualify for their new customer sign up bonus if you have never gambled at their sites before!