Outright Match Betting Ligue 1

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday you are going to be blessed with plenty of football matches that will be kicking off that are all part of Ligue 1 over in France, and as there will possibly be a chance you may fancy betting on some of those matches please do read on!

What I am going to be doing today is looking at not only each of those matches in Ligue 1 that are being played on the 17th, 18th and 19th of August 2018, but will also be looking at which betting sites are offering the best odd son each possible outcome in those matches too.

In fact, it didn’t take me very long at all to find a betting site that was prepared to boost the odds on all Ligue 1 matches to their customers and that betting site for reference is NetBet. With that in mind below you will find quoted the current fixed odds on each possible outcome on all of the following matches as are currently on offer over at NetBet.

You are going to have to act quickly if you want to ensure you have your bets placed on tonight’s match that sees Reims playing Lyon, and from a betting point of view the home team Reims are 15/4 to win that match, the draw is 3/1 and the smart money is going on Lyon to win and their odds are 20/10

Paris St-Germain Odds-On To Win

I doubt you are going to have any other opinion in the Guingamp v Paris St-Germain match that the away team could lose that match, and it is fair to say the home team are the massive underdogs in that match!

The odds on the three possible outcomes of that match do reflect that fact, as you can back Guingamp to win at 10/1, you can secure odds on the Draw of 21/4, and whilst you will not get rich unless you back Paris St-Germain to win with some huge stake amounts, there is nothing wrong with their odds of winning of 4/17!

Dijon v Nantes

I do think the odds available on the Dijon v Nantes match are going to be very appealing to you, in fact you may also fancy perming the outcome of this match that you think is likely to occur in doubles and possibly trebles with some other matches too.

The odds on Dijon winning this match are31/20 you can get  Draw odds of 23/10 but if you think that this match is only going to go one, way that being a win for Nantes their win odds are currently 9/5.

There is also the Amiens v Montpellier match on which you can back Amiens to win at odds of 43/20, Draw odds of 41/20 are also available and for those of you out there that are convinced that Montpellier are going to win this match, which it looks like they will you should act now to ensure you can still get the 29/20 odds I saw on offer at NetBet earlier today!