NFL Season About to Get Underway

This week does of course see the return of the NFL, and that means all betting sites, bookmakers and sportsbooks are as eager as ever to have you betting at their online sites or via their mobile apps and will be offering you all manner of incentives to do so.

The thing to keep in mind though is that whilst any such site or app many be offering you a fairly decent welcome offer, there is much more value to be had when it comes to betting on NFL matches when the money lines being offered to you are generous and high in value too.

That is why my advice would always be to anyone seeking out an online betting site to sign up to or when they fancy downloading a betting app, they should be heading on over to sites like Betfred who are famed for their generous and appealing money lines betting markets.

Take for example the very first NFL match of the season scheduled for the 7th of September 2018, that is the match between the Atlanta Falcons and the Philadelphia Eagles if you do make what I feel is the very wise decision of betting with Betfred you can get 8/11 on the Atlanta Falcons winning and 6/5 on the Philadelphia Eagles winning that match too.

Houston Texans Odds-On To Beat the New England Patriots

It will be on the 9th of September you are going to be able to tune in and watch the Houston Texans set about trying to beat their opponents that day in the NFL that being the New England Patriots and UK punters that match will be starting at 18:00 in the UK just for reference!

As for where the value lays, well it does appear that it is going to be the home team that are going to win that match and win it fairly easily, for their money line odds are 1/3 but if you think it will be the New England Patriots that are going to win you can get 12/5 on them doing just that!

The Best Value for Treble Bets

Now do keep in mind that Betfred are going to let you perm together any number of NFL teams in any type of multiple bet, and as such I think I have come across a perfect set of teams that you would consider placing a treble on.

The first match is the one between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New York Giants I would forget about backing the home team, but do consider include the away team in such a treble, the odds on the home team are 7/5 but the odds on the away team are 4/7 which could get your treble bet off to a flying start, if they win as they are expected to!

The second bet I think is going to be worth including in your treble bet is the Miami Dolphins at 4/5, they are playing away to the Tennessee Titans later on this week and for reference the odds on their opponents are 21/20.

You will need to look in the San Francisco 49ers vs Minnesota Vikings for the third and final team to make up your NFL treble bet, and there is no doubt in my mind that the San Francisco 49ers have the best chance of winning at 4/11 much more so than their opponents who are readily available and very easy to back at odds of 11/5!