NetBet Review

New betting sites are usually the type of sites that you will be best off avoiding, I say that as it usually takes several years for a betting site to become established and for them to master the very fine and difficult art of keeping punters happy.

So, you may have been put off betting at NetBet, being as they are a relatively new betting company when compared to some of their competitors.

However, it is fair to say they have been in business for several years, and whilst not the many decades that some of the land-based betting companies and bookmakers that have switched over to the online and mobile environment have been in business and trading for, they have earned themselves a spotless reputation with punters the world over!

NetBet are now on of our featured and top-rated betting sites, so you are always going to be in safe hands when you do bet at their betting site, and with plenty of value waiting for you when you do check out any of their betting platforms you really will find that they may just become one of your favourite sportsbooks.

But at the end of the day it will be your decision as to just which sportsbooks you do sign up to and gamble at, and as such spend a few more minutes reading through the following guide to determine if they tick all the right boxes on your own personal checklist of wants and demands!

Free Matched Bets Worth Up to £50

To show you that NetBet does mean business for a limited time only by using our links to their website by doing so you will then qualify for a generous welcome bonus offer that is going to see your very first bet placed with them matched by a free bet.

As such if you want to have the maximum value out of that exclusive sign up bonus try and bet as much as you can afford up to the maximum amount it is capped at, and for reference that is £50, all new customers signing up when using our links will qualify for that bonus which can change at any time.

The free match bet worth up to £50 is of course going to be credited to your account irrespective of whether your initial bet is a winning or losing one, so if your first bet wins then you could win even more from that free bet, if it doesn’t, well you get another chance at winning with that matched bet of course!

Multiple Ways of Betting

You are much more likely to want to place a bet once you download a betting site app onto your phone, and as such I would only suggest you do so if you can keep a cool level head when betting and do not go too overboard with the ease at which you can place a bet via an app.

Having said that though, if you are sure you will not look control when gambling at NetBet then their mobile betting app is a good one, in fact it has been designed in such a way that it will take you just a couple of taps of your screen to place any type of bet you want to place.

Many sports bettors who have embraced online betting are stuck in their ways, and as such you may prefer to stick to what you know best and bet at NetBet using their web browser-based betting platform, and that has also been designed to allow you to place any type of sports bet quickly and easily.

One question that I do get often asked regarding using a betting app when compared to using an online betting platform, such as the one on offer at NetBet is whether there are any noticeable differences regarding the category of sport you can bet on via your mobile phone, and the answer is no, you will have just as many when using an app!

You do of course have the option of being able to test out both their online and mobile betting apps, for as soon as you sign up your username and password will give you access to both the app and the online sportsbook, so try both out and see what you make of them!

Live Updated Betting Markets

Being a live betting platform that is on offer at NetBet that does of course mean if you want to take advantage of any of the odds they are offering then you can do so instantly.

Many of their betting markets also offer fixed odds which means that no matter how great the volume of money placed on for example one team in a football match, the odds will not change.

However, as NetBet may be offering different odds from those available at all other sportsbooks you should open an account just in case higher valued odds are being offer, on the betting opportunities you are seeking, for that way you won’t have to waste any time signing up for a new account.

Just keep in mind that ever type of sporting events are going to be available on their betting markets, so it is safe to say no matter what your sporting interest are and which fixtures and events you want to bet on, NetBet will be offering you at least one betting market, if not several of them on those sporting events!

Legal and Safe Betting at NetBet

All bookmakers, betting sites and sportsbooks we showcase throughout this website have outstanding features that make them all worthy of our approval, but one thing that is never left to chance is their legal status.

With that in mind I am happy to let you know that NetBet is a fully licensed and regulated betting site at which you will find they adhere to their gambling licenses and the standards expected of them always.

Players do have a full audit trail available to them showing every single bet placed and the status of each bet, and you are also going to be able to make use of industry standards betting limit option settings whenever you log into your account.

If you make the dangerous decision of betting at sportsbooks that are not licensed anywhere at all, then you do run the very real risk of experiencing all manner of problems at such sites, with the worst possible outcome being those sportsbooks won’t pay you out when you win.

So never take risks when you do want to place sports bets online or via a mobile betting platform and stick to site like NetBet for the ultimate betting experience.

NetBet Customer Support

It may seem like a trivial thing, having access to a sportsbooks support team, 24 hours a day, however you never know when you may experience a problem or simply come across something you don’t understand, and if you do the team at NetBet will soon have you on your way!

They are contactable via several different methods but probably the quickest way that you can contact them is via their instant chat service.

However, if you have been requested to send in to them copies of your identification documents so that they can verify your account then you will only be able to do so via email, but they do verify accounts quickly so unlike some other sportsbooks they will not keep your hanging around for days.

Another way you will find answers to any questions regarding NetBet is by consulting the many help files and guides they do have available on their website, so be sure to check them out if you are unsure about anything but having said that their team does respond very quickly to all instant chat requests and they also respond quickly via email too.

My Thoughts on the NetBet Sportsbook

If you want a run of the mill betting site and wish to make use of one that isn’t going to be as busy as some of the better-known ones, then there is no reason why I would put you off betting with NetBet, and even though they may not be a large company they do have some hefty cash out limits.

As such if you do plan on betting big then this might be a much better site at which to place your high-stake wagers at, for they are not going to force you to endure very long and drawn out waiting periods whereby they drip feed your winnings to you, which can happen at some other betting sites.

They mobile app is advanced, and you will rarely if ever run into any problems when betting at NetBet but always compare the odds available from NetBet with the odds being offered to you by any of our other approved sportsbooks, for their odds compilers may have a different outlook on any betting opportunities and betting markets they do have on offer.

I would rate this sportsbook highly and cannot think of a single reason why you would not have an enjoyable betting experience with them, so they do get a thumb’s up from me!