Most Commonly Placed Bets

As somebody who does enjoy an occasional flutter, there are some things that you do need to be aware of regarding getting the best value from the bets you place, and where you should be placing your bet and wagers too.

However, what I am going to be concentrating on in this guide is the most commonly placed bets on a range of different sporting events and fixtures, as you will at some point want to place one of the following bets but may not know how they have been designed or structured.

Keep in mind too, that part and parcel of you being a profitable sports bettor is knowing how to find the best odds available and making sure that you are using the bet promotional offers, deals and bonus that will also be available to you when you bet online.

So firstly, take a good look through this guide to the most commonly placed bets then make sure you read through some of my other guides on this such as betting bonuses and check out my individual sports betting site reviews to find your perfect betting site to bet at!

Favourite Backing

Once you know that favourites tend to win one third of all horse races, then you could be tempted to bet on just the favourites, however favourites have a different set of stats on all other sporting events regarding them winning, so keep that in mind as favourite backing it not going to be as profitable as you may have imagined.

Sure, there will be days when favourites can and do win every race at a racecourse for example, and if you did back each of them you ill have made a few bob, but the odds that are on offer on some favourites winning are very, very low, so even though you won a few races the pay-out you may have received may not add up to a lot!

Many favourite backers however will perm together their bets as that way they still have to pay one stake, but the winnings and that original stake get rolled onto the next bet they have chosen, so they can get some much higher pay-outs when they do perm such bets together.

Doubles and Trebles

A Double bet is what is sounds like it is, you must pick out any two selections and place one single stake and then if both win you are paid out. The way the pay-out works is that the winnings you have won from the first selection of your Double Bet and the initial stakes are then put onto the second selection.

But keep in mind that to win this type of bet you need to have both selections winning, for you will get nothing back what so ever if just one selection wins. The higher the odds and/or the more you stake on such a bet then the higher the potential pay-out swill be.

A Treble bet is much like a Double Bet but instead of you picking out two selections that must all win, you must pick three selections. So, the pay-outs can be much higher when you place this type of bet but as you need to pick out three winners the risks of you placing a winner bet will lower.

Most people that do tend to place both Doubles and Trebles bets will often pick out very short odds favourites as their selections as they will get a much better return than if they bet on each selection individually.


Being able to try and win huge amounts of cash from a very low initial stake is what every punter will be dreaming of doing, however to do so you will need plenty of luck and occasionally a little bit of skill in spotting the bets betting opportunities.

If you want to place a low stake bet that does have plenty of winning potential then consider placing what is known as an Accumulator bet, by doing so you can pick out as many or as few different sporting events and sporting fixtures to bet on as you like.

By placing just on stake what will then happen is that stake is placed onto the first bet you have chosen and if it wins the winnings then roll over along with your stake onto the next bet.

As long as all of your bets keep on winning in sequence then you are going to receive a winning pay-out once the last one on your Accumulator betting slip wins, but if one of your selections on that betting slip is a losing one then your bet loses, no matter how much you have won up until the point in time that bet lost!

Each Ways Bets

The only other very popular type of bet you could be interested in placing, that is also a very straight forward one to get your head around is something known as an each-way bet.

That bet is actually not one single bet but is made up of two parts. The first part is going to see you hoping whatever it is you have bet on wins, for if it does you are paid out at the odds you took when placing that bet multiplied by the win element of the stake bet.

The second bet will also be a winning one if your selection wins the event it is running in or playing in or is placed in one of the top positions. If so then you are going to be paid out at a percentage of the win odds, which can vary depending on the stake you have placed and also the win odds.

These types of bets are popular as they are less risky than a win bet and as such you have a much fairer chance of getting at least something back if your selection doesn’t win but gets placed, so do consider giving one a try one day soon!