Man City the Value Bet in the Champions League

There is one football team that many punters are convinced are going to win the Champions League title this season, and that team is of course Manchester City, but such high volumes of cash are being placed on them, many betting sites have started to reduce the odds they are offering on them winning that title.

But if you are seeking the very best odds on City coming out on top this season, I would advise you to get on over to the Betfred betting site for currently, if you get your skates on you will find them chalked up on their Champions League betting market at high odds of 5/1 which are certainly worth taking!

The owner of Betfred has something of a passion for football himself, and he often instructs his team to pay out bets that are looking like they have won even before the season finishes, and that is certainly something worth keeping in mind if you do fancy backing any team this season in any league.

However, it is worth noting that they currently have Barcelona chalked up as the second favourite of their Champions League outright betting markets at odds of 11/2 and I do feel you are going to be very hard pressed to find much higher odds on that team anywhere else online!

Other Teams that Could Win

Four teams that will surprise nobody if they do end up winning the Champions League this year include Bayern Munich and Juventus who can be backed at odds of 13/2 at Betfred and also both Real Madrid and Liverpool who are currently trading at odds of 15/2.

However, keep in mind that you are going to get some very favourable each-way terms if you decide to bet with Betfred, so as the odds are currently high on all teams involved in the Champions League this season it could be beneficial for you to back one or more of them each way to hopefully increase your winning chances!

Riskier Bets to Place

With so many teams taking their respective chances in the Champions League this season, you may have a team that you always follow no matter what and as such I wouldn’t put you off backing any team as long as you are aware of the risks of doing so of course.

There is a chance that both PSG at 9/1 and Atletico Madrid who are easy to back right now at Betfred at odds of 12/1 could win the title this season, but the further down the betting markets you look the much more riskier the teams listed there will be of winning the league if you choose to back any of them.

Take for example Man Utd, there was a time they would have been favourites to win the Champions League, but currently and right now that is certainly not the case for they are on offer at odds of 25/1, the same could also be said for Tottenham who are on offer at some massive odds at Betfred currently and those odds for reference are 33/1!