Ludlow Racecourse Stats

Flat racing is of course very popular during the summer months in the UK, however during  Autumn and Winter you are also going to be able to see plenty of National Hunt races at several different racecourses dotted around the UK too.

One that is a racecourse famed for some very exciting races is the one at Ludlow which is located at Bromfield, Ludlow SY8 2BT. This guide is going to showcase to you what that course has to offer and also a range of very interesting facts and figures too.

It doesn’t matter which racecourse you fancy betting at in the UK you will always find one of the two major horse racing channels on SKY will broadcast those races live each day, and it is Racing UK that does broadcast each of the races held at Ludlow.

Facts and Stats about Ludlow Racecourse

They do say that you should try and back horses sent to a racecourse by a winning jockey, a top trainer and owner and with that in mind below are the top ones in each category that regularly do send plenty of winners to Ludlow racecourse.

Top Jockeys at Ludlow Racecourse

Knowing which jockeys are scheduled to ride any horse at this course is going to help you occasionally pick out some winners, for the following five jockeys that win more races than all others are Nico de Boinville, Richard Johnson, Jeremiah McGrath, Mr Zac Baker and Robert Williams

Ludlow Racecourse Top Trainers

Nicky Henderson, Martin Keighley, John Flint, Dr Richard Newland and Nikki Evans are possibly trainers that you have heard of or come across in the past, however regarding the horses they do train and then send to Ludlow racecourse it is those five trainers that do send the most winners to this course, and should therefore be trainers that you keep your eyes on, and back their horses when sent to this course!

Where to Bet on Ludlow Races

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Course Specialists at Ludlow

Ludlow racecourse does have some course specialists and they are simply those horses that do very well around the Ludlow course, and for reference those horses are Diamond Guy, Lust for Glory, Baden, Lygon Rock and Monbeg Legend.

Ludlow Top Owners

The top owners who regularly run horses at Ludlow Racecourse are Executors & Trustees of C G Roach Estate, Grech & Parkin, Christopher Hanbury, Eventmasters Racing and