Latest Outright World Cup Winner Betting Odds

The odds on just which team is going to win the FIFA World Cup this year are of course constantly changing as teams get knocked out and  the results of each match come in, however, two teams that have been penciled in as the favorites, even during the Group Stages are Brazil and Spain.

You may fancy having a bet on either of those two teams, and if you do be aware the odds can also change depending at just which betting site you place your wagers at, however you will never go far wrong betting at our featured betting sites

There are going to be a few matches played today as the last sixteen teams battle it out, and it would appear that the best odds so far on offer on Brazil are 7/2 and the best odds I have so far come across on Spain winning are 4/1.

Keep in mind too that you can of course lay a team to lose, and as fifteen teams are going to lose out of those sixteen still in the tournament, head on over to Betfair if you do fancy picking any of those fifteen teams and start laying odds on them yourself!

Other Teams That Could Win the World Cup

If your home nations team are still in the tournament however you are going to be tempted to place a bet on them, and with teams such as Belgium and England being on offer at odds of  7/1 and France looking a value bet at 8/1 those odds are there for the taking.

A couple of other teams that if everything does fall into place could win the FIFA World Cup this year are Croatia at 11/1 along with Argentina at 14/1.

Outsiders to Win the World Cup

There are nine other teams that I haven’t yet mentioned that could win the World Cup this year and they include both Uruguay and Colombia at 22/1 and Portugal do look something of a value bet at 25/1.

Switzerland are in with a chance of winning but that is a slim chance and with odds of 40/1 they are sure to attract some punters, as will the host nation that being Russia who can be had at odds of 66/1.

Sweden and Mexico could win also at 66/1 but they are going to have to see everything fall their way in the ongoing matches, which many pundits do not thing is going to happen. As for the last two teams, they include Denmark at 80/1 and Japan at 150/1.

You can of course still place bets on all of the individual matches yet to be played off, and will also be able to bet on them as they are playing off, as all of our approved and fully reviewed betting sites will be offering you in-play betting markets that spring to live as soon as each match kicks off, so do check out those in-play betting markets when you can do so!