Just Retirement Bowls Championship Betting

Never let it be said that you are not going to be able to place a bet on any type of sporting event held anywhere in the world, for with the advent of online betting sites and mobile betting apps you have the opportunity of betting on anything sports related no matter in which country of the world those events are being played out!

Therefore today I want to showcase to you some long term betting opportunities that are going to become available to you if you visit the William Hill betting site on the 2019 running of the Just Retirement World Championship bowls tournament.

That is an annual event which does attract the cream of players in the bowls playing world to take part in their quest to show everyone watching just how good a bowls player they are, but also of course to take home the prize money on offer!

However, there can of course only be one winner of the bowls tournament, and with that in mind below you will find the early betting odds that you can secure today, if you do indeed head on over to the William Hill betting site!

Tournament Winner Betting

As there is of course such a long amount of time until the 2019 running on this event begins, what you will be pleased to hear is that the odds on the competitors schedule to take part in it are high in value currently, and that means there is plenty of value waiting to be mopped up.

There are currently two players however that even at this early stage in the betting are attracing the most money on the William Hill betting markets and those players are Alex Marshall and Paul Foster both of whom you can very easily back currently at odds of 6/1!

Other Bowls Players in with a Chance of Winning

Let me now give you a complete overview of the odds available on each of the other bowlers that will be taking part in this major bowls tournament and give you an insight in just what odds you can secure if you are prepared to bet well in advance of it starting over at the William Hill sports betting site.

Odds of 7/1 are currently readily available on both Greg Harlow and Nick Brett both of whom by the way have the skills and abilities of winning an event like this one, and you will also be offered odds of  9/1 on the experienced bowler Robert Paxton too.

If you are seeking some much higher odds or possibly fancy backing a bowler to each-way then it may be the odds of 10/1 on Jamie Chestney that will tempt you to play an a bet on him or the 12/1 odds on offer on Darren Burnett, David Gourlay, Mark Dawes or Stewart Anderson that you will find appealing.

You can also secure right now at William Hill odds of 14/1 on Mervyn King, 20/1 on both Jason Greenslade and Michael Stepney or bag odds as high as 25/1 on Andy Thompson, Les Gillett and Mark Royal too!