International Championship Qualifier Match Odds

It is going to be a tad difficult to get some huge odds on some of the fancied snooker players to win their International Qualifiers today, for having spent most of the night comparing the betting markets available at lots of different betting sites, the odds I have seen being offered are not awe inspiring to say the least!

However, Betfred do appear to have some of the highest odds on most of today’s matches, and with that in mind I will be highlighting below just which matches they are offering the best odds on, so you can at least lock in some value if you are planning on betting on any of the following snooker matches later today!

The match at 14:30 between Thepchaiya Un-Nooh v Mei Xiwen is the only match in play today on which both players have an equal chance of winning, and as such you will be offered odds of 10/11 on both Thepchaiya Un-Nooh and Mei Xiwen winning this match at Betfred, but only if you act quickly!

Later on this evening at 19:30 is the Andrew Higginson v Rhys Clark match, and I doubt many of your are going to be interested in backing the favourite to win, that being Andrew Higginson as his win odds are just 1/8, but the odds on Rhys Clark are more better if you do fancy the chances of the underdog and those odds for reference at Betfred are 5/1!

Jack Lisowski v Oliver Lines

The Jack Lisowski v Oliver Lines match is sadly one of those matches that you will probably only bet on if you fancy perming the favourite to win with some other snooker players, for the win odds you can get on Jack Lisowski winning are just 1/7.

It could of course be the case that Oliver Lines surprises everybody today and wins that match, and if you do fancy his chances of doing just that then you should be mopping up his win odds which are high at 9/2!

Odds on Favourites

As far as each of the other evening snooker matches go in these International Championship qualifiers, you are going to find the red-hot favourites to win are only on offer at long odds-on odds.

That is certainly the case in regards to the Kyren Wilson v Nigel Bond, for it would be a major shock and surprise if Kyren Wilson didn’t win that match and his win odds do give you an indication of his winning chance being as they are 1/18! Nigel Bond on the other hand is very easy to back at odds of 8/1!

The Lu Haotian v Fan Zhengyi match is not likely to last long either, for Lu Haotian is available at tiny odds of just 1/14, so he is expected to win that match without breaking sweat! His opponent on the other hand is going to have to massively up his game if he is to win it, which I doubt he will and his win odds for reference are currently 15/2.