Ice Hockey Betting Scams & Cheats

Ice Hockey Betting Scams and Cheats

It is true to say that apart from the odd corrupt player, the sport of ice hockey is a relatively clean sport regarding betting scams. However, it doesn’t matter what sport you can think of, there will always be people who will be looking for ways to beat the bookies, by fair means or foul.

You will probably be not too surprised to learn, that it can often be people working for betting companies that are going to be tempted to rip off their employees, for the temptation to do so can be too great for many people working in the betting industry.
A couple of months ago a court case did come to my attention in which a husband and wife team hatched was does appear to be a very well thought out scam and one that allowed them to defraud a huge betting company in Australia of a small fortune, over $600,000 in fact!

That court case ended in them both being found guilty, and as such they are going to be spending 28 months and 15 months respectively locked up. It was the husband who must have dreamt up the scheme, for he worked for the Tabcorp company in Australia as an I.T. specialist. He discovered that he had, as part of his work, access to all bets and wagers that had been placed by punters users Tabcorp, and could see which bets had been placed, which bets were winning or losing one’s too, but much more importantly he could also see just which bets that had been placed and had won but the winnings had not been collected by punters.

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There are of course plenty of reasons why a punter would not collect his or her winnings on a bet placed, the punter may have lost the winning ticket, may have forgotten they had placed that bet or may sadly could had died!

It is however unusual for a winning bet not to be presented for payment after three months and armed with that knowledge he set about looking up all unclaimed winning bets on the Tabcorp system and would then copy the serial numbers of those winning tickets and print off his own tickets at home using the winning ticket serial numbers.

His wife would then simply cash in those winning tickets and it was presumed they split the cash between them. Initially they started out by cashing in low valued winning tickets to test their scam worked, and in the early stages of this scam they cashed in a total of $4000 worth of winning tickets.

As their scam appeared to work they then set about increasing the number of winning tickets they printed off and cashed in, and in one day alone it was discovered they had cashed in a mind blowing $63,000 in winning tickets.

The way that Tabcorp operate their pay-out system is that any winnings valued lower than $10,000 does not need reporting to the authorities, and as such they ensured that they only ever cashed in tickets with a value lower than that amount.

This scam only came to light when a punter went to cash in one of their valid winning tickets only to discover it had already been paid out, Tabcorp investigated and fortunately there was video footage of the wife cashing in that winning ticket and investigators soon discovered her husband was one of their employees!