How to Place a Lucky 15 Bet

As part of my ongoing series of guides that enlighten you on how to place any type of sport related bet, today I am going to be giving you an insight into how you can place a Lucky 15 bet, which has been a hugely popular bet for decades.

I doubt you are going to find an online betting site or a mobile betting app that isn’t going to give you the opportunity of placing such a bet, and it is one that does offer two unique bonus pay-outs dependent on just how many winners you manage to pick out.

The basic structure of a Lucky 15 bet, is as the name suggests, you are going to have a total of 15 individual bets in place on such a bet and each of them will require you to place a separate stake on each of those individual bets, so when for example you place a 25p Lucky 15 bet in total you will be staking 3.75.

You are tasked with picking out for example 4 different horses or greyhounds or for that matter any outcome in any four different sporting events to place on a Lucky 15 bet and by doing so you will have them covered in an accumulator, four trebles, six doubles and four singles too.

Best Betting Site Offering Lucky 15 Bets

As mentioned up above there are bonuses on offer when you do pick out a certain number of winners on any Lucky 15 bet you have placed, so let me enlighten you on just what those bonuses are.

Keep in mind though the value of the bonus pay-outs can and often do vary from betting site to betting site, however when you place such a  bet over at the Ladbrokes betting site you are going to be guaranteed of getting the very highest valued bonus pay-out.

If you pick out just one winner on your Lucky 15 bet, then Ladbrokes will double the odds on that one single winner, it doesn’t matter what odds that winner does have they will double its value, so for example a 2/1 shoot being a 4/1 winning pay-out and a 25/1 winner becomes a 50/1 winner and so on.

However, if all of your four selections win then you are going to receive a 10% bonus pay-out n the winning you achieved, and if your selections do win at some high odds then that 100% bonus will be a big one for sure.

Make sure that if you have never bet at Ladbrokes and do not currently have an account with them that you sign up using any of our Ladbrokes website links to get to their betting site, as there will also be a high valued welcome bonus on offer to you that you can claim straight away when you do just that, and they are also a fast paying sportsbook and one that caters for low stake punters and high stake punters alike too.