How to Place a First Goalscorer Bet

When you have booked your spot on the sofa and are about to settle down to watch your favourite football team playing, you are bound to fancy placing a bet on them winning, however there are a plethora of unique football related bets you can place on any upcoming football matches these days.

I have put together plenty of guides throughout this website that are going to walk you through and show you how to place every single type of soccer bet you can place, and I will also enlighten you too as to just which the best betting sites are to place any type of bet you can imagine are!

However, as far as the first goalscorer type of bets you can play they really are a non-complicated type of bet but one that is best famed for having some high odds on offer, and as the name of the bet does suggest you are not faced with having to do anything other than pick out the player that you think will score the first goal in each match.

Things to be aware of when placing a first goalscorer bet are that each bookie could offer different odds and different bonus playouts too, so make sure when pacing such a bet you always compare the odds available on your chosen player at several different betting sites!

MintBet Offer Price Boosts on First Goalscorer Bets

I think you need to sign up to the MintBet Sportsbook if you haven’t yet done so, for they are going to be giving you two additional price boosts if the players you back to score the first goal in any football match then scores the second and third goal too.

The odds you secured on that player are boosted by 50% if your chosen player scores the second goal in the match you backed them in and by 100% if they score the third goal too, plus by using our links to get to MintBet a huge valued sign up bonus will be coming your way too.

First Goalscorer and Correct Score Betting

Whilst you are often going to find some very appealing odds on offer on some of the lesser fancied players to score the very first goal in any upcoming football match, the players that are the favourites to do so can often be offered with some dismally low odds!

There is a combination type of bet that you may fancy placing if you are 100% convinced that you can predict just which player is going to score the first goal, but his odds are too low to back, and that is by combining that bet with the correct score of the match he is playing in.

Just keep in mind though that the odds that are going to be offered to you by all betting sites and bookies when you do fancy placing a first goalscorer and correct score bet are going to be high for a reason, and that is the chances of you winning on such a bet are low!

However, when you do fancy placing a bet that will add another level of excitement to any football matches you are about to watch a first goalscorer and correct score bet will certainly give you that and there is the chance you could win big from such a bet too even if betting low stake amounts!