How to Place a BritBet

BritBet is a brand-new pool betting service that is available at selected UK racecourses and it has been set up as a direct rival to the Tote.

You may have heard of the Tote before, they were a government owned pooled betting service that had been in operation at horse racecourse and greyhound tracks across the UK for many years, and there were set up to help fund racing and give punters a range of different betting opportunities.

The UK Government decided to sell it off recently and the new owner, that being Betfred was permitted to continue running it as a complete monopoly for a few years after the sale.

The time however has now expired and as such BritBet has been born which is a new way for racegoers to be able to place a range of different best and wagers in much the same way as they could when using the Tote. Below you will find an overview of how each of the new BritBet bets have been designed and structured.

You will however notice they are very similar to the old Tote bets, so you will not find yourself getting overly confused about how to place such bets!

BritBet Win Bet and Place Bet

You often had to go on a very sharp learning curve at the racecourse, trying to get your head around how to place any type of Tote bet, however BritBet has stripped back their betting opportunities to the bare minimum and as such all of them are very easy to understand.

Take for example the BritBet Win Bet, all you must do to place that type of bet is pick out a horse, choose a stake and if that horse then goes on to win you win a share of the pool, the more you stake the bigger share of the prize pool you will win.

A BritBet Place Bet is so easy to understand, for the number of horses running in a race determined how many positions you horse can finish in to guarantee you a winning pay-out.

If there are just 5, 6 or 7 horses in a race you are paid out to 2 positions, those being first and second, if there are however 8 to 15 runners in a race you are paid out to 3 positions, you get paid out to 4 positions on races with 16 to 23 runners in them and to five positions on races with more than 24 runners in them.

First Two Bet

It may seem an easy take, picking out the first two winners of a horse race, but believe me it isn’t as easy as it sounds, but if you do fancy taking the plunge then the first new BritBet multi bet you can place if a First Two bet, just pick out the winner and the second horse choose a stake and hope for the best!

At the end of the race all winning tickets are counted and dividend by the prize pool, based on the stakes you have placed.

First Three Bet

Picking out two winners may seem difficult as one the above type of BritBet, but if you think you can pick the first, second and third horse in the correct order, then there will be some much bigger winning pay-outs coming your way on a First Three Bet.

But the horses you do pick out must finish in the correct order, that being first, second and in third place for you to win a share of the prize fund!

First Four Bet

They have certainly dreamt up some weird and wonderful bets at BritBet for they are also going to let you try and predict the first four horses to pass the winning post in the correct order, now there is a guaranteed minimum prize pool on offer on this type of bet.

So that does of course mean that if not many bets are placed and not many people having winning ones you could be in linked for a huge pay-out if you do manage to pick out the four horses in the correct order!

First Five Bet

The only realistic chance of picking out the first five horses to pass over the winning line in the correct order unless you are very, very lucky, is to perm several horses together and that is something you will be able to do when placing a First Five bet!


By placing a BritBet GoldPot bet you are tasked with picking out the first six but occasionally seven winners of the first six or seven races at a racecourse.

As the odds on doing so are huge, the prize pool on this bet is going to roll over if not won so at times there is the chance of becoming a millionaire from a single small stake if you do pick out all six or Seven winners


To ensure punters have an interest in the latter few races at any racecourse, the BritBet team have devised the SiverPot bet, on which you must try and pick the winners of the third, fourth, fifth and sixth races at any racecourse.

A special consolation bet is on offer if you pick just three of the four winners, so all is not lost if you do not manage to get all four of those winners!


You are bound to pick some horses that do not win but get placed in any race you have bet on, and as such consider playing a Placer bet, for all you must try and do when placing that new BritBet is to pick out six runners, one in the first six races at any racecourse.

If each of them gets placed in their respective races you will then win a share of the Placer prize pool, which could be a high valued divided if none of the horses that do get placed are the favourites or second favourites!