Horse Racing Betting Guide

If you ever do get some time to visit a racecourse then you should do so, for there is no greater thrill and excitement to be had than visiting such a venue and placing a bet and then sitting back and watching each horse you have bet on make its way around the course!

However, not many people have the time to do so and that is why you are going to find huge numbers of betting sites, sportsbooks and even betting apps in and on which you can place loads of different bets and wagers.

But as there are now so many ways to bet on horse races you are always going to be best advised to learn of the advantages of swapping and changing your bets and where you place them to give you a much greater chance of winning.

If you are new to the world of horse race betting or simply want to learn more about how to lock in additional betting value, I am more than convinced the guide below will allow you to do just that. So please sit back and spend a few minutes reading through this horse race betting guide, for you are about to go on a sharp learning curve when you do so!

Horse racing guide, flutter on the GG's!

Multiple Horse Racing Bet Types

If you have yet to place any type of horse racing related bet, then you will of course need to know the differences between the ones that can be placed, and therefore below are some of the most commonly placed bets fans of horse racing do enjoy placing, so read on to select the ones that appeal to you the most!

A double or treble bet are two basic types of parlay or accumulator bets that encompasses two and three horses respectively, and each horse must win each race for the winnings to roll onto each of them.

There are some other bets you can place such as a Lucky 15, 31 or 63 bet, and those bets will see you having to list 4, 5 to 6 horses and by doing so you will have them coupled in singles, doubles, trebles and in fact every possible type of betting permutation. Many bookmakers will increase the pay-out odds on such bets if you only get one winner.

You can also bet on which horses you think are going to come first and second and first, second and third in a race, and those best are called Straight Forecasts and Tricast bets, and the pay-out odds are determined by the value of the odds of each horse.

Pool betting it also popular too, and as such if you want to place your bets into something known as a Tote Pool you can do so and by doing so it is the value of the combined stakes, less an operators commission and the number of winning tickets on each type of Tote bet that will determine what your winnings are on such bets.

The most basic bet you will be able to place on any horse race is known as a single or win bet, and those bets will see you simply having to pick the horse you hope will win a race and by placing such a bet you can take the odds available to you by the betting site when you place your bet or instead you can accept the starting price which is the average odds on offer forma  range of bookmakers when the race began.

Choosing a Horse Race Betting Market

You can often get a little confused when you first set out to start placing bets and wagers on horse racing, if you have never done so before.

For what you are going to come across are three different main ways to place your bets and wagers. The normal way people will place such a bet is by placing a wager on a horse before the horse race begins, and you will find most betting sites open their betting markets well in advance of all horse races starting, so you will have plenty of time to compare the odds that are on offer that are available to you.

However, some people also like to lay bets on horse that they think have no possible chance of winning, and to do so those punters need to make use of a betting exchange, for you can offer any odds you like on any horse and will be matched up with another punter who has the opposing view to you.

There is also a brand-new way you can bet on horse racing, and that is called betting in-play, and by doing so you have to wait until a horse race begins and utilize an in-play betting makes that will allow you to place a bet on any horse until the dying striders of that race!

Best Horse Racing Betting Sites and Apps

I want to cover a range of different topics in this horse race betting guide, however something that is very important and will ensure that you have an unsurpassed and completely hassle-free betting experience is when it comes to choosing where to place your horse racing bets at.

You should never leave anything to chance when betting on any horse race, other than whether your horse has the form to win a race of course, and therefore we have chosen to showcase just a small handful of betting sites to our website users.

As you look around this website we are going to be showcasing to you the best betting sites and horse racing betting apps that we have fully checked out and each of the ones listed are licensed and regulated and will have met our very strict criteria for approval.

So, to ensure you never experience any types of problems what so ever when you are good and ready to place bets on any horse running anywhere in the world we strongly suggest you stick to betting at our featured and top-rated betting sites.