Have You Placed a SnapBet Yet?

The NetBet sportsbook has always been known as a betting site that is very innovative, and they have just launched a brand new football bet which is accessible via their mobile betting app that I am sure that many of you will be interested in making use of.

How that bet has been designed is to give your viewing pleasure of any football match a tad more excitement, and what you are tasked with trying to do is to pick out when the very next goal will be scored in a football match.

You can opt for a 30 second, 1 minute, 5 minutes or 10 minutes SnapBet, and as long as a goal is scored within the time frame you selected based on which of those four options you selected you will be a winner.

However, each SnapBet is divided into three small time unit zones, and it is the time zone a goal is scored in that will determine just what odds that bet is paid out at if a goal does get scored within the period you opted for when placing your SnapBet!

Liverpool vs Brighton

To give you an idea of just how generous the odds on upcoming football matches are over at the NetBet Betting site, take a look at the following set of odds on the outright betting market that they have chalked up and available on this Saturdays match between Liverpool vs Brighton

The win odds on the favourite to win that match which is of course Liverpool are very reasonable when compared to other betting sites at odds of 2/13, you can of course also back the Draw and by doing so they will give you odds of 13/2 and you can also bag some valued odds on a Brighton too of some 16/1!

Best Odds on Premier League Matches

Make no mistake about it, if you do enjoy placing bets on absolutely any upcoming football matches, being held anywhere in the world, you are always going to find some of the very best odds on offer to you over at NetBet.

Take this weekend’s match between Arsenal and West Ham for example, the odds currently on offer from that leading and top rated betting site on that match are Arsenal to win at odds of 20/59, you can back the Draw at odds of 17/4 and there is certainly some value for West Ham fans as their win odds are high at 29/4!

Then there is the Bournemouth vs Everton match, from a betting point of view it is a very fair book NetBet have on offer on that match as they are going 8/5 on Bournemouth winning, the Draw odds are not to be sniffed at as they are high at 12/5,

But if you are of the mind that Everton should win this match with great ease too then you need to act quickly to secure the very appealing odds of 33/20 that NetBet are offering on that match!