Guide to Tricast Bets

A Tricast bet is a bet on which you are faced with having to correctly name the horses that you think are going to win a race and those horses that fill the second and third positions in the same race too.

The rewards are going to be there for the taking when placing a Tricast bet, for the higher in value the odds on the first three horses to pass the finishing post are, the bigger the Tricast dividend declared at the end of the race will be.

That dividend is always going to be declared to a £1 stake, but you are free to bet a smaller amount that £1 on any Tricast bets you place and if you do so then you will receive a percentage of the dividend as per your stake if you do place such a winning bet.

Obviously if you place more than £1 as the stake on a winning Tricast bet, such as £5 then you will receive a multiple of the declared divined as your winning pay-out, and in the case of a £5 winning Tricast bet that multiple will be five times the declared dividend!

10% Tricast Bet Bonus Pay-Outs

You can of course win big when placing Tricast bets, however your winning pay-outs can be boosted in value even more if you choose to place such bets at BetFred, for all winning punters placing a Tricast bet get a 10% bonus pay-out!

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Combination Tricast Bets Explained

If you want to increase your chances of placing a winning Tricast bet then you should consider placing a Combination Tricast bet, as by doing so if you lets say pick out three horses and place them on such a bet it doesn’t matter which way they finish in the race, as long as the three you do name finish in first, second and third place you will receive a winning pay-out.

There are six ways that three horses can finish in first, second and third place in a horse race, so the unit stake you place on a Combination Tricast bet with three horses listed upon it will need to be multiplied by six to arrive at your final stake amount.

You could pick four horses and have them covered in every possible permutation of finishing in first second and third place and when doing so there are 24 ways they can finish in that order, if you pick out five horses there are 60 ways that they will be permed together, so your stake will be sixty times you unit stake to have them all covered when picking out five horses!